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Posted by Unknown On Monday, October 18, 2010

@ The UK’s 2nd Airsoft Arms Fair October 2010 - Reviewed by Yosser

And what a lovely day out it was as well. Conveniently located @ The Grange located in Balsall Common in the West Midlands. This was the 2nd event of its kind at this venue and it was well attended by vendors and airsofters alike with sell outs for many of the early entry tickets so you could get the pick of the goodies on offer.

With over 20 vendors and exhibitors on show they sure packed it into the relatively small area of ‘The Grange’, yet still a few more could be accommodated before the site is ‘outgrown’. Exhibitors and vendors included everything from Tactical Kit to AEG’s and even on site repairs and a shooting range if you wanted to ‘try before you buy’.

Images from the 2nd Airsoft Arms Fair @ The Grange (click to enlarge)

One of the main sponsors Edgar Brothers Airsoft was proving a draw for people who came to drool over and try the new Magpul PTS Masada ACR and take a look at the exciting range of Magpul PTS accessories available. The shooting range at some points had people queuing to try the Masada out for them selves. And if they liked what they saw one of the UK’s Official Magpul PTS dealers was on hand to sell them along with all the other tactical kit they could want from DingoDog’s Airsoft and Tactical Supplies .

A group called Gunmunki who I believe are based at ‘The Grange’ had a workshop setup where they could do repairs, maintenance and gun makeovers with a good display of their handiwork and in co-operation with Edgar Brothers Airsoft offered a Magpul Makeover to a lucky winner. The work on display by Gunmunki has to be said was of a very high quality and I just totally loved the ‘shiny’ Thompson with polished drum magazine and compensator on display along side some other prime examples of their workmanship.
Custom Work Custom Thompson
Custom Work @ The Grange By Gunmunki (click to enlarge)

Lots of gun displays from retailers with RiF’s I’d never seen before such as Winchester Rifles, flintlocks, Muskets and other pistols and rifles of every size and to suit most pockets as well. One of the great things about the pre-sales of tickets for this event is the ability to be ‘pre-cleared’ for sales of airsoft AEG’s with the organisers checking out UKARA or attendees ‘defences’ to purchase and so be given the right coloured wristband making it all simple for retailers and everyone alike.

The facilities at the site where excellent with catering proving so popular that come the lunchtime rush there was a slight delay on the obligatory sausage sarnie for me. But generally it all went off well with a fair choice of hot food and drinks available.

Believe it or not I even met one airsofter who had purchased his TM SiG after reading my
ICS SiG 552 review on the blog – so word must be getting out now!

Players Shop till ya drop
Plays and retailers come together (click to enlarge)

This was a very interesting event to attend with lots to attract the interest of airsofters, collectors and re-enactors of all eras. I hope to be at the next one make sure YOU DON’T MISS IT. Book early for your tickets to avoid disappointment,

A MUST ATTEND EVENT for any airsofter, expert or beginner, meet and interact with others who share our hobby across the country, not to mention see lots of different RiF’s collected in one place, get help and advice and get hands on with some of the latest offerings.

The next event I'm told will be on the 21st May 2011 You heard it here 1st!

Please feel free to checkout my YouTube slide show from the event for more pictures.

My thanks go to Marie and the rest of the organisers from The Grange for arranging everything and answering my e-mails.


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