UK Masada has Arrived!

Posted by Unknown On Friday, October 15, 2010

The Official UK version of the Masada is here!

Good news guys, the Official UK model of the fantastic Magpul PTS Masada ACR is here on UK soil and will be shown off to the public at the Airsoft Arms Fair @ The Grange in the West Midlands on 16th October 2010.

UK Spec Masada ACR

Those people who have pre-ordered their Magpul PTS Masada ACR will be getting theirs in the next few days no doubt! We had a sneak peek and saw some differences between the ‘Official’ UK release model and those supplied via ‘Grey’ imports from Asia.

One of the easiest differences to notice between the 2 models is in the foregrip section. When the foregrip is removed you will notice that the UK model has an extra section on the foregrip retaining Block. This adds extra strength to that section of the grip and hopefully you shouldn’t get any failures or splits on the MOE front end.

Dismantling the mechbox other differences should be noted. The gears appear to be machined differently with, we think, a better quality of metal (although with our limited facilities we couldn’t confirm that). Paint and finish on the gearbox shell was definitely different between the 2 versions and the UK version is fitted with a linear spring (which was longer). We chrono’d the UK version to 307fps and the Asia version to 333fps both with a 8.4 1500mah batteries. You should note that running Lipo’s in these AEG’s will invalidate any warranty you may have!

The other differences we noted was with the paint finish on the barrel. The UK spec Masada having a more matt finish. The UK version also came with a FULL UK warranty and instruction CD and English info sheet (as well as a nice polymer bullet shaped pin extractor tool).

The importance in all of this is that you can be confident that your AEG has met all the stringent RoHS compliances for paint content, wiring and electrical safety etc.

Summary of UK Spec Magpul Masada PTS

  • Extra Pin retainer section on foregrip

  • UK CQB site friendly spring FPS

  • Wiring and Paint work to UK standard

  • Full UK instructional sheet & CD
Be sure to check out the my YouTube Video here made in co-operation with and starring Scuffer from Team S.W.A.T..

So now you will be able to tell if your retailer has given you a ‘Grey’ Import!

So checkout your local Official UK Magpul PTS Airsoft dealer as the Masada ACR is available now in Black, Tan or Foliage Green (but most likely sold out on pre-order!)

My thanks to Edgar Brothers for supplying early examples, Scuffer for the technical know-how and AirSmith skills AND Nutz from SWAT for test firing venue

Want to see all the other cool stuff for your Masada? Then checkout the Masada Stuff Section NOW!

Contact your Official UK Magpul PTS dealer for a UK spec Masada ACR. You will not be disappointed with this quality AEGMagpul PTS Logo
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