HeroShark Goggles & Mask Review

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HeroShark Half Face & Goggles - A Review by Yosser

There comes a point in every Airsofters life when you just have to call out “ENOUGH ALREADY!” ‘Cause getting hit in the face in CQB just isn’t fun any more. And I’m sure most of us have heard tales of teeth being shot out! So prompted, I set out on a quest to look for a combination of face mask and eye protection.

If you look through the blog you’ll already know that I prefer mesh/stamped steel eye protection rather than suffer the constant misting up of regular eye protection afforded by my old Guarder C4’s. But with the choices of masks flooding the market of all shapes and types, what to go for?

After looking at all the options available I decided to look into the HeroShark series of Face masks and Goggles which promise ‘Performance without Compromise’ a big statement to live up to.

Heroshark Half Face & Dagger style Goggles

Firstly let me point out the buying experience via his dedicated website is an absolute breeze and totally simple to use, although currently the choice isn’t extensive (more lines are going to be introduced). All the information is there and his communications is second to none with any questions usually answered with 24hrs. The website has a comprehensive FAQ so read this first and do allow extra time for any custom orders like paint jobs or bulk orders.

I was after a goggle and mask combo that fitted well together and I was able to discuss this with ‘Sharky’ via e-mail to iron out my requirement. After giving my measurements (from nose tip to chin) and requesting an OD finish to the finished mask & goggles I waited with bated breath for postie to knock on the door. A little over a week later they arrived, well packaged and out of the box I was impressed with the fit and finish on these items.

My over all impression from my 1st skirmish with them was good and I’m sure it saved me from some massive face busting rounds causing any damage. You hardly even feel the ‘hit’ on the mask. The mask did feel a little tight on the cheeks so do take the time to adjust the straps and ‘stretch-out’ the face mask otherwise you may get some ‘pressure’ on your cheek bones from the facemask, but this should disappear with further adjustments. The only other thing I think I would like to see is incorporated ear-guards, but that’s a different model soon to be added I’m told by ‘Sharky’. Another point to note here is that I noticed that by wearing the face mask over a thin balaclava or ‘veil’ does help in the comfort stakes – well it was more comfortable for me!

The goggles are full seal and have a soft foam padding that are ‘vented’ whilst the stamped steel mesh is good quality and sprayed to whatever finish you require (the inside is left unfinished). Straps and attachments are pretty standard and functional.

Heroshark Goggles Inside Detail showing full seal foam and unpainted internal mesh.

The half face mask is an interwoven mesh, finished on the edges with a durable material which is ‘riveted’ on. The mask has 2 quality elasticated straps to secure it to your head so hopefully no slipping out of place during a fire fight. The adjustable top strap is fixed to the mask frame by rivets and should be placed across the top part of your crown; whilst the bottom strap is riveted on one side with the other being removable via a press stub fixing. If you want a looser fit just leave this undone.

There is a small gap between goggles and facemask but again nothing that couldn’t be covered by a face veil of some description. Okay these aren’t ‘Gucci’ kit items here and don’t have the finish of more standard off the shelf items but for the price and ‘custom built’ fit and feel I don’t think you can beat these items in your kitbag. And at the end of the day what price do you place on either your teeth or more importantly your eyesight.

Yosser says: Make sure to adjust your half face mask correctly as it can be a little tight across the cheek bones. 'Stretch out' the sides by slight bending/flexing out of the sides. With a face veil worn underneath a comfy over-all fit. Maybe not the most 'Gucci' of kit but necessary all the same RECOMMENDED.

You can see more pictures of the Half mask and 'Dagger' Style Goggles from the earlier article on these HERE.

To see the full range and to order your own set please visit Sharky's great website here at: http://heroshark.co.uk

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    I have a pair off both and they are great. As said above the cimms from his is very very good.

    Posted on November 26, 2010 at 4:38 PM

  2. BAMF Said,

    After using ballistic glasses in one form or another for my whole airsofting career, I began to get a bit sick of demisting every 5 minutes or so during CQB games. I opted for a pair of ESS V12 Advancer goggles, as I'd heard only good things about them. That they were a closed cup and could be vented at the sides. After a good few games useage, these too began to mist. I contacted HeroShark to ask if he could sort me out a set of ESS lenses in mesh. He could and he did. They are simply astounding pieces of kit. They provide the much needed ventilation and supply the desired protection. Top marks HeroShark!

    Posted on March 21, 2012 at 10:39 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I have a pair of the saw tooth goggles with his mesh lower. I found looping cable ties through holes in the frame helped with comfort, and got rid of the gap between the two.

    Posted on June 7, 2012 at 1:37 PM


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