SWAT AAR for 13 Feb 2011

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, February 17, 2011

SWAT After Action Report for 13th Feb 2011

Well, it's been a while since I've done a skirmish report and although I've been skirmishing at Area51 for a little while now the place still impresses. Still finding 'hidey holes' and little niches I didn't know existed or just didn't see!

With games running each week now the numbers have dropped and to be fair this makes the games much more manageable and interesting. I suppose, on average games are running at approximately 12 odd a team, which makes for some great situations and firefights in the corridors as well as some sneaky lone wolf tactics in order to nick a flag or raid a laptop for intel!

As well as the usual games, as mentioned above, some interesting new developments in the SWAT Pantheon of games such as escorting the Security Guards (aka Tom & Matty banging heads in their security detail Helmets!)laden down with briefcases stuffed full of lovely SWAT dollars. Also following 'Death', aka SWAT Titch', through the corridors beating back the opponents floor by floor but not getting in front of 'Death', 'Lest you might DIE!'.

As usual both sides fought well and hard and I'm sure everyone had a great day. I know I did with sore aching muscles and tired as a dog. A well earned soak in the bath was the order of the day when I got home!

We also had a blast blowing 'Shit Up!' checkout the video below and subscribe to the YOUTUBE CHANNEL please (Turn your speakers up!):

Just some of the feedback from SWAT members:

"Great day as expected, met and spoke to some new people and old friends..."

"...cheers to nutz ,greg,titch and the other marshalls for making it a good day enjoyed playing the grim reaper game had a right good old laugh..."

"had some funny moments such as a toilet going boom"

"Good fun but I'm going to feel it tomorrow well done all the Swat guys for putting on another good one"

Checkout the SWAT TRI-Programme announcement! Great news for regular players HERE!

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