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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, May 12, 2011

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BFG Blanks Reviewed- by Yosser

One thing most airsofters agree on is that Pyro's are fun, BIG FUN - usually the louder the better! But Pyro's are expensive and of course not re-usable!

One way of cutting down on the cost is to use Blank Firing Grenades, BFG’s. Re-usable, durable, but expensive to purchase but with the re-usability factor you can soon re-coup the outlay after several skirmishes. 12 gauge Blanks are LOUD and you'll know it if your caught in a small space, whilst the 9mm blanks are quieter but still give a good bang and can be used in smaller spaces without upsetting too many players! The trouble with these standard rounds is the cost per bang ratio! Obviously charges vary from place to place but 12g & 9mm blanks can cost!

10mm & 6.3mm blanks by

You can reduce the operating costs by switching to 10mm & 6.3mm blanks. Of course you'll also need to factor in any necessary Blank Adaptor for your Dynatec as well but I'm sure if you bulk order a few boxes you could haggle a free adapter, maybe!

Check out these different types of blanks on my Video:

During my tests it became obvious that the 10mm blank offered an excellent (and much cheaper!) alternative to the good old fashioned 12 gauge blank. In terms of volume its certainly loud enough - even to the point of not wanting to be in an enclosed space when one goes off! For the 6.3mm blank I don't think I could tell the difference between that going off and a 9mm (not unless you placed them side by side and let them off 1 at a time).

One of the advantages to using these rounds with these adaptors, is that with the round length that you get no mushrooming of the round over the top of the adaptor which normally results in a difficult re-load. So reloading is quicker with less frustration in removing the spent round. Remember to keep the BFG blank adaptor clean in order to aid the reloading though (this applies with most black powder devices though).

So CONVERT TODAY to 10mm & 6.3mm blanks and save some dosh!

Thanks to SWAT Nutz for the facilities and kit for the review

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