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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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ICS DE SIG ICS Launch a DE SIG Range

As you know I just LOVE my ICS SIG552 and this news came just out of the blue. Did any of us see this coming?

A great new range of SIG's (okay some of them are just the re-coloured ICS SIG 551 & 552).

But ICS are also launching the 551 LB and 552 LB (Long Barrel) - which were previously only available as 'add-on' kits for our precious SIG's. So from launch what should be available are:

ICS-54 SIG-552 Commando DE
ICS-55 SIG-551 LB DE
ICS-56 SIG-552 LB DE

Nothing else appears to have changed on the SIG's so expect the same internals and parts basically to what you may already have. It may be possible these parts will become available to upgrade your existing ICS SIG as the barrels are already available as after market ICS SIG upgrade options.

The range is to be launched Simultaneously meaning all models should be available at the same time - hmmm will that really happen?

Great work ICS!

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