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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Phoenix Rising – The ARES G36c from the ashes
The story of a Rebuild Bargain

You want an AEG to add to the armoury but times are hard, the countries tightening its belt (aren’t we all!) and you’re a bit short on cash to spend. Well let John Williams & Airsoft Odyssey guide you through the potential pitfalls and help in grabbing that bargain and the rebuild and upgrade process.

Searching the internet we have found a ‘failed project’ gun and poured love, affection and a smattering of quality upgrade parts by King Arms to breathe life into this formerly unloved AEG.

This will be a multipart series with pictures to guide you through the process and of course some sage advice if you’re thinking of taking on such a project. Airsoft Odyssey will take you through the sometime daunting process and hopefully we'll all learn something along the way as this ARES G36c is rebuilt.

Turn your bucket of parts into a prize CQB AEG

If you’re a beginner at this upgrade malarkey this is definitely one to follow. Sign up for updates from the blog to make sure you don’t miss a single part. May be you’ll gain the confidence to save yourself some dosh, do a little maintenance on your own AEG’s or even start your own project!

Bag a bargain and we'll show you how, every step of the way. Making it easy for you to upgrade and repair your AEG with upgrade parts by King Arms.

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Checkout the KingArms website for more great upgrade parts from shims, gears, mech boxes, motors and more plus their range of AEG's and accessories
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