SWAT Review of 2009

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A look back at SWAT Urban during 2009

It's been a great year at SWAT Urban during 2009.

The site has gone from strength to strength with the venue being 'expanded' to include new buildings and scenarios. Including the opening of the former Hospital Block and the fun of Block23, aka 'The Slaughter House' due to its fearsome reputation with the SWAT natives (Check out some of the links).

New buildings opened

New game scenarios

The site also saw the exciting innovation for the 'skirmishing public' to hire BFG's (over 18's of course). Check out SWAT's link to further information:

BFG Hire at SWAT Urban

2009 also saw the introduction of the occasional Open Night Skirmish and of course the by 'Invitation Only' Fight Club, exclusive to regular SWAT members. Get a taste of some 'Ghostly Goings On' here:

Night Skirmishing

SWAT Urban has hosted a 'Week-ender' event and hosted a very successful themed AVP event (following on from the 2008 event). Sadly missed by this correspondent!

One great development at SWAT has been the opening of Dingo's Airsoft shop, which has proved extremely useful for advice and the odd running repair for many a member. Thanks Mr Dog! (See his shop link at the bottom of the page).

2010 is sofar shaping up to be an interesting year with the odd rumour of 'Veteran Days', Mil-Sims and of course more themed events.....also not forgeting 'Fight Club' (which I hope to get to...eventually!)

I'm looking forward to trying out new kit, maybe a new AEG (or two, if allowed!) meeting friends old and new, interesting people and checking out their kit! and of course keeping up the blog to keep you guys up to date. I do hope your enjoying the blog feel; free to leave comments or suggestions as to what you would like to see in future postings (or even what your hoping to get up to in the new year!)

Over 5000 hits in just 2009 for my little blog, thanks guys.

So what will 2010 herald for SWAT........?

Watch this space! (keep watching out for 2010's frontline 'Dispatches from SWAT')

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