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Posted by Unknown On Friday, December 17, 2010


The 1st Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Finals!


Organised by Popular Airsoft these are the 'Players' awards and they are asking for your votes.

Players Choice Awds

Nominated in the Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe catagory is long time supporter & friend of the blog Dingodogs who has stormed the North West Airsoft scene in only his 1st year of trading! Great one Dingo and I would urge players to give him your vote in the catagory.

Further good news is that my little ol' blog has also gained a nomination in the Best English Language Airsoft Blog - a big thanks for the nomination guys and gals. So Please! vote at Popular Airsoft.

You can vote in 22 possible catagories covering magazines, commerce, manufacturer & video so DO VOTE Guys!.

To VOTE Click the banner:
Players Choice Awds


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