ATACS Arrived

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The ATACS has Landed!

Well I fancied a new load out - so decide to treat myself. And all the way from the good ole US of A it's finally arrived!

I did for a while toy with the idea of ABU (US Airforce stuff) but as soon as I saw A-TACS I knew that was the one for me.

A radically different pattern and a nice change from the Multicam/Camogrom look. Guess I'll have to start looking for more accessories now.

ATACS Kit (click to enlarge)

ATACS is described as "...a radical step forward in the science of concealment technology. The patented A-TACS process replaces digital square pixels with small organically shaped pixels, removing all 90-degree angles to create a more natural appearance. Additionally, the organic pixels are segmented into larger groupings organized within the pattern, creating a unique “pattern within a pattern” concept that enables A-TACS to conceal the operator more effectively at greater distances than previously possible. The pattern also features a greater range of inter-mingled natural colors for enhanced concealment. The base color is a neutral tan, designed to blend effortlessly in open, rocky or arid environments."

My first impression is excellent gear - Propper have done a great job with this ACU style ATACS kit. Huge pockets on the trousers and comfy 'baggy' fit - just need the accessories now.

Maybe I need now to be considering these DANNER boots to complete the look (due out July 2011 in the UK). Keep watching for these I'm sure they will be popular as will anything else ATACS coloured with AEG's water transfers on anything possible!

A big THANK YOU to Justin from Combat Sport Supply for sorting it all out and the great service keeping me advised and ironing out any problems and sorting shipping etc without any fuss! I can recommend these guys when ordering.

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