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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UKAFThe UK Airsoft Forum
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Imagine, if you will, an Airsoft Forum where the moderators are FAIR, the members are KNOWLEDGABLE & HELPFUL and where free discussion is allowed about all airsoft topics from kit to vendors and no one gets on your back for mentioning suppliers, shops or other branded names and you've got the
UK Airsoft Forum. A relaxed, laid back approach to airsoft forums that many more popular forums just DON'T OR WON'T achieve.

These are relatively new forums but are attracting members who like this relaxed approach, without the heavy handed moderation of some (don't get me wrong, abuse will not be tolerated) but naming suppliers or kit won't get you banned either! In fact members are encouraged to swap experiences and share information for the benefit of ALL.

The owners/moderators and global admins of these forums are ALL airsofters themselves so they understand the needs of the larger community and their aim is to 'bring this relatively uncommon activity into a broader spotlight'. They operate the forums with a policy of cameraderie and free speech. Allowing airsoft venues and suppliers to post events, news and stock updates within their own specific board sections. This, we feel, is a break with the traditional forums, which are usually affiliated with a retail outlet. Airsoft Odyssey even has its own BLOG section to update members! You can also find sections for SALES, RETAILERS, SITES as well as the usual sections you'd expect to see. For the more 'immediate' respnse you can also use the 'shoutbox' to chat with friends and other forum members.

The forums so far have attracted positive comments from all who have joined. There is a real sense of community here from players all across the country. The forum has BIG future plans as well, with further developments in the pipeline to migrate to a fully fledged VBulletin Board with full customisation and has already attracted sponsorship from:
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Airsoft North Yorkshire

EVEN if your NOT UK based all players are welcome to join in.

If you would like to take a look at the forum, please check:

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