SWAT AAR July 2011

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SWAT After Action Report for 10th July 2011 SWAT Vs F&O

Two Titans of the North West Airsoft scene met at SWAT Urban Area51 and there could be only ONE winner.

The guys from First & Only Airsoft came down to pit their skills against the SWAT Massive. Experienced airsofters every one of them displaying some good tactics, organisation and most importantly aggression in the field of play.

The gardens and grounds started the play off with good use of cover by the defending SWAT Regulars being pushed back by the tactics on continuous onslaught by the F&O crew. Great use of the flanks by F&O saw them pushing SWAT back hard. Just as it was getting interesting the play had to be moved quickly inside to Hanger 18 due to a down pour of epic proportions.

Hanger 18 saw F&O defending with SWAT on the attack this time, but in great style SWAT took the building in record time (around 18 minutes I'm told). It just goes to show that when the various SWAT teams work together great things can be achieved.

In the afternoon back in the main building things proved more evenly matched with some 'Breakout' style games and some sneeky tactics by SWAT with trip wires and booby traps to beware of.

An absolutely FATANTASIC DAYS airsofting.

Checkout NUTZ's pictures from the days event featuring F&O and SWAT players:

Video by Nutz

Just some of the feedback from SWAT members:

"What a bloody brilliant day that was "

"Absolutely cracking day. F&O were shown that SWAT play an aggressive and competitive game"

"thank the F&O crew for being such good sports and allowing us to pummel them into the ground ... seriously though, good bunch of people and from what I've seen a great set of players."

"just goes to show, YOUR EITHER SWAT, OR YOUR NOT!!!!!!!!!"

RETURN game at F&O Anzio on 23rd July - good luck guys, they'll know what to expect now!

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