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Coming SOON to the BLOG
Helikon's PCS MP Camo
to Airsoft Odyssey

Your favorite blog for ALL the Helikon kit reviews you can handle will soon be show casing Helikon's newest, latest range of PCS MP Camo and its coming to Airsoft Odyssey for the full review treatment.

This new Personal Clothing System in Multi Purpose Camo (PCS-MP) will be available shortly to the public and was made specifically to give as near a match to the British MTP pattern as possible and will provide a good mix and match to anyone using the MTP. It's described as a 'compatible pattern to MTP but on the other hand it's completely different' - probably sums it up nicely.

Helikon PCS MP Jacket Helikon PCS MP Trousers
Helikon PCS MP jacket & trousers (click for larger images)

Enlarge the picture of the jacket note the Union Flag on the left hand sleeve - nice touch Helikon!

Plus Airsoft Odyssey gets access to the Helikon T-shirt in MP which hasnt been seen in public YET!

Helikon PCS MP T-Shirt Helikon PCS MP Boonie
Helikon PCS MP T-Shirt and Boonie (click for larger images)

The review is now HERE

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Pictures provided courtesy of Helikon-tex.


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