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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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@ AAF from Milspec Solutions
Report & Review by BAMF for Airsoft Odyssey

AAF5 and Milspec Solutions in attendance with a great display of GBB rifles and pistols gave Airsoft Odyssey EXCLUSIVE access to what is WE's first AEG - the WE M4 AEG, so we headed up to the skirmish range to check it out! Bamf reports:

"After a long, tiring but wonderful day at The Grange, being Yosser's general dogsbody, reporter, grip, camerman and celeb (the things you have to do to get a lift!) I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to fire WE's first AEG offering, being the suberb GBB specialists we all know and love them for, thanks to Iain Jack of http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/

All though a bit of a departure into AEG's for Milspec being a WE dealer (and GBB specialist dealer) he thought he'd give it a try when they annouced its release. I can tell you now that I'm glad he did! Firing the WE M4 AEG was a rather pleasant experience. It is currently priced by MilspecSolutions at £170 and is only available by pre-order. If you seriously want one of these I suggest you get those pre-orders in now, as I have a strong feeling that price may creep up after MilspecSolutions realise just how many they're going to sell!

Now, on to the gun itself. I was handed it with a full mag and freshly charged battery and told to take it to the range and "Try it out." Iain told me that he'd used it at MOA in the NorthWest and during a skirmish was somewhat surprised by the range of it. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I eagerly did as I was told. Yosser following closely behind, camera in hand. Check out the results in the video.

A VIDEO REPORT from our Special Correspondent from AAF5:

Video by Airsoft Odyssey

Both Yosser & I were surprised by the quality of the AEG. It was metal where it should be (Barrel, upper and lower receiver etc) and high quality polymere/plastics where it should be also. Due to the relatively low price and given that it is WE's first foray into making an AEG, I half expected it to be a piece of cheap tat, "Boinging" like a Classic Army M4. Was I wrong? You betcha! This gun was nothing short of amazing!

WE's M4 AEG is solidly built and felt good in the hand. The hop is accessed as usual via the fake bolt. The surprising thing? It's a working bolt!! It draws back and locks like a GBBR and is released forward with the left hand bolt catch. When I fired it, I was surprised by the feel. I wasn't surprised by the range it gave though....I was absolutely gobsmacked!! Iain had understated this gun's incredible range, as it was easily comparable to any TM I've owned or used. I even (Begrudgingly) let Yosser have a go, as I thought I might have been imagining things? He confirmed it. The range was astounding. When we took the WE M4 AEG back to the MilspecSolutions stand, I asked if I could buy it there and then. They wouldn't let me, as it was the only one they had in stock. It was actually the only one at The AAF, despite the hundreds of guns from varying manufacturers on display. Iain explained that he was a little bit dubious about putting in any advance orders for this cracking gun, as he thought he might not be able to shift them!?!?!

Seriously? If you can get one for £170 at http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/ get one, NOW. Otherwise it will be the greatest regret you will ever have. One thing though, remember they are available on pre-order only...so you'll have to get to the back of the queue, and this bad boy is first in line!"

**I realise it states £185 on Milspec's website, but the offer of £170 is for a limited time ONLY**

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