100k UP!

Posted by Unknown On Monday, July 30, 2012

100K Up
for Airsoft Odyssey

A great milestone figure reached today on Airsoft Odyssey thanks to all of YOU!

The blog reached its Hundred Thousandth visitor today from the WorldWide Web a milestone I never suspected this tiny blog would ever reach.

So THANK YOU the readers of Airsoft Odyssey for the support and readership. Keep watching and keep FOLLOWING.

Its a Celebration

Celebrate - Thanks guys & gals

A big THANK YOU to the blog supporters from SWAT, Nutz and the guys who do a lot for airsoft and they sparked the passion for airsoft I now have. Supporters like ASG, Edgar Bros, Milspec Solutions and Military1st as well as Airsoft Arms Fair all understand the needs of getting their gear out there amongst airsofters for airsofters. & Bamf and JJ of course, thanks to them for their regular contributions help & advice, much appreciated guys, as well as all the stars of my Youtube channel Vids. Thank you to everyone small and large for the support and loyalty. Keep reading & subscribing.

Fittingly the 100k visitor was Nick O'Gorman from Gtr Manchester - here in the North West, well done a small prize on the way soon ;-)

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  1. BAMF Said,

    Good news mate! It all now seems worth you spending your multi-million pound lottery win on that hair-brained super-computer and expensive internet hub! Plus, mine and JJ's huge salary to boot!

    Good work Yos, keep it up son, for the love of the sport.

    Your humble servant, BAMF. XXXXXX

    Posted on August 1, 2012 at 12:15 AM


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