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The Versatile Training Grenade

Airsofters worldwide have been awaiting the successor to the now famous Dynatech Blank Firing Grenade. Second hand sales have seen a huge surge in prices in recent months, as people come to realise you just can’t buy them new anymore. Retailers have long since sold out and have no hope of re-supply. Where can airsofters turn to satisfy that re-usable and affordable BFG fix that is so useful for CQB and many other situations?

What next? - What will it look like? - Check out the Spy footage:

VTG Spy footage Images by Yosser - Airsoft Odyssey©

STEP FORWARD the makers of the BFGX, the new replacement impact grenade – SWAT TRAINING DEVICES with their new V.T.G. the Versatile Training Grenade which is their new delay type detonation grenade. This is what players have been waiting for!

The VTG will be familiar to many airsofters instantly due to its similar size and feel to the trusty ole Dynatech and operates in much the same way; however with completely redesigned innards and updated technology, as well as some customisation options, this VTG is set to cause a BIG BANG in the airsoft world in general.

SWAT Training Devices VTG - casing

Each VTG will come as standard ready for both 12gauge & 9mm blanks, a totally re-designed custom loading tool, which will be much safer to use, a carabineer, a special VTG patch, and a flat spring ring ready for your grenade pins.

Many more exciting developments are in the pipeline, like adaptors to enable the use with multiple calibres, colour and design options as well as the usual US suitability with anodised orange tips.

VTGAdapterPlain VTGAdapterBrightOrange VTGAdapterfancy1
VTGAdapterTan VTGAdapterfancy1 VTGAdapterBrightGreen
SWAT Training Devices VTG Delay Type Screw on Tips

From what I've seen things are looking great for airsofters looking for a BANG and you’ll get it from SWAT TRAINING DEVICES alright.

The V.T.G. is due for a 4th August 2012 release at the North West Airsoft Community Swap & Shoot EVENT to be held at Area51, Shotton, Deeside, North Wales. See Facebook group for more details:

Come along and BUY yours & even try it out – demand will be HUGE!

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