SWAT Flash 08/07/2012

Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SWAT Flash Traffic for 8th July 2012
'Red White & Blue'

More great gaming at SWAT Urban Area51 and this time a crew from my local area turn up!

Great to see some guys @ SWAT from MOA - Military Outdoor Adventures an airsoft woodland site based near Wigan - They're on the North West Airsoft Map, check it out here. I promise I'll get down to you guys soon - Milspec wouldn't forgive me if I didn't!

Today's adventures involved lots of 360 degree fighting, 3 teams with more In-Door-Out-Door activities and objectives involving capturing the opposing teams assets. So defend, attack, defend, regroup and attack again, oh no, come back and defend - it's a very dynamic game to play & tactics are everything. PLUS, it was a VERY warm day with full kit. I for one was glad of the opportunity to defend and dump some my kit at the CP (Command Post).

Fantastic to play alongside some of the BadDog Team as I'm usually opposing them when we play (it's just the way it works out). Cam provided some great leadership and play throughout the day and aggressively led the team - eventually stealing some good assets from the White Team, who unfortunately for them where sandwiched between us and the Blue team. Detox was run ragged being the team Medic - well done for keeping up the pace all day.

I do believe as Reds we had the greater advantage of not being pinned down inside a building complex so that gave us greater flexibility and less bottlenecks for being pinned down - conversely though it gave the OPFOR greater scope for attacks - which never really materialised throughout the day.

More great pictures by NUTZ who manages to get himself into the action with his lense:

Pictures/Video by Nutz
I wonder who's wearing the ATACS-Fg in the pictures?
Thank you all at SWAT that make our days 'softin' so good.

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