Helikon Camogrom UTP Review

Posted by Unknown On Sunday, August 19, 2012

Helikon Urban Tactical Pants - UTP
- Reviewed by Yosser

Helikon UTPHelikon in a slight departure from their ‘normal’ military style range released what they call their Urban Tactical Pants some time ago now, so I thought it was about time, now that they are available in their famous Camogrom pattern, to give them a look over.

I’ve heard these described as ‘mid-profile’ which essentially places them less in the uniform category and more into the field of a civilian ‘PMC’, urban active style role, whilst still retaining a few discrete tactical features which will make them great for Airsoft, shooting, hiking, camping, in fact most active pursuits.

Internal Waist Pocket UTP Rear Pockets
Helikon UTP Rear & Internal Pockets (click for larger Image

The trousers feature a wide waistband and sensibly placed belt loops, even one centre back to help prevent that ‘gapping’ that can sometimes occur. The centre waistband also features an elasticated section and the front fastens via hook and loop with a YKK metal zippered fly. Now whilst the hook & loop provided a good flat fastening with some adjustment I felt a button would have been better suited. Unusually the trousers features an internal slanted small pocket on both the right and left of the front waist band closure, suitable for a small collapsible baton, tactical torch or a pistol magazine possibly, but please check the comfort of any objects placed within before sitting down! The front features 2 jeans style pockets as opposed to the regular slash style which can be a little more awkward to get in and out of but they do feature a re-enforced edging that can handle the extra wear and tear of clips from torches and knives etc. The styling of the pockets rolls around to the back but forms separate back pockets which feature a wide opening but fasten by a rather small hook and loop fastening and both also feature an additional small pocket like those on the inside of the waistband, again suitable for a collapsible baton or pistol mag but don’t carry the same re-enforced edging unlike the front.

Now unlike your ‘normal’ tactical trousers these don’t have the traditional large side cargo style pockets. Instead they feature big diagonally slanted thigh pockets which aren’t quite as deep as your more traditional types but feature a pleat which allows for good expansion and zipper pull on the fastening to assist with gloves. The overall placement of this pocket is good and easily accessible and you don’t end up with them flapping around your thigh like others sometimes do which are placed lower down on the leg. Placed to the front of these pockets each side has a smaller pocket closed by a flap with hoop and loop, this pocket is sized for an AR magazine but I didn’t find either of these a comfortable fit for an airsoft magazine but more than suitable for a mobile or multi-tool etc.

UTP Package UTP Pockets UTP Rear Pockets
Helikon Urban Tactical Pants (click for larger Image

The knees have a double layer forming an internal pocket for additional padding if required (not supplied) and have darts which give shape and form to the knee section aiding crouching & kneeing and such like which helps reduce the trousers riding up. Strangely, I found the legs don’t have draw string bottoms or any further pockets on the lower leg.

• Zip fly with Velcro
• 12 pockets of various sizes
• Knee patch reinforcements for longer wear
• Pockets on each knee for padding
• Belt loops
• Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
• Manufacturer: Helikon

Yosser says: These trousers make great normal everyday wear for the more active, whether biking to work, hiking across country or hunting, shooting, fishing they are supremely useful for all those bits and bobs we accumulate in our pockets. The addition of a few internal loops to tie items off to in the pockets would have been welcome but they do have a couple of loops off the first belt loops on both right & left hand sides that can be used for this purpose. In the plain colours these at first glance could just pass as chinos or something and the addition of the denim style in the street you probably wouldn't think twice about, unless you looked closely at the operator’s stashed magazines, tactical torches and baton concealed discreetly about them.
The UTP line makes a great addition to any PMC related type load-out of course, especially as it's available in a plethora of colours and materials, so you should find something suitable in the range. The fit of course is not as baggy that some will be used to from the more military style of cut, but as always check the sizing charts for all garments before buying on-line.
Built to help you cope in the Urban Jungle!

UTP available in a variety of materials including Cotton, NyCo & Ripstop
BeigeUTP JungleGreenUTP CoyotUTP
DenimUTP OliveDrabUTP BlackUTP

UTP available in all these colours to suit your loadout!

For the full range of products & ordering please check out:
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