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Posted by Unknown On Monday, August 13, 2012

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B&T Licensed ROTEX-III Silencers by ASG
- reviewed by Yosser

A BIG new release from ASG is an officially licensed range of Brugger & Thomet Suppressor/Silencers/Barrel Extensions call them what you will for your AEG.

Brugger & Thomet Licensed Suppressors by ASG

Following the new design from Brugger & Thomet these are fully licensed replica suppressors from ASG. ASG have yet again secured a great license deal with the famous real deal manufacturer B&T AG. of Switzerland and helps bring more branded products to the Airsofting public.

Marketed as a barrel extension these suppressors will NOT silence your AEG due to containing no foam or baffles to dull the sound (due to most national firearm laws which prohibit or restrict such devices). These replicas are available in 2 lengths, compact & full length and in a choice of Tan or Grey.

Each suppressor comes with a steel flash-hider with a 14mm anti-clockwise internal thread that will fit any barrel with matching thread. Each silencer features a QD plunger type locking mechanism that slides onto the steel flash-hider, and is pressed down locking it in place. A ratchet function helps tighten the suppressor for a firm fit.

They even have a version for your MP9 - so no excuse for not blinging your AEG now!

Check out how the B&T ROTEX-III looks on some of my collection:
ASG Specter ASG Specter CQB
ICS Sig552 ASG Special Teams Carbine
Various AEG's Fitted with the B&T Rotex-III Suppressor Licensed by ASG

Fitment using the supplied Flash-hider is a breeze. All you need to do is replace your existing Flash-hider with the one supplied and then clip the unit over it then tighten the 'can' using the ratchet like tightening on the 'can' itself. The markings look like they'll wear easily though with mine showing a few scratches just with the limited handling so far, but the colour looks great on the ICS SiG552 (see above pictures). One thing that did surprise me was that it wouldn't fit on the already similar ASG Specter Flash-hider - I had to use the supplied one with the 'can', but no big deal really.
B&T Rotex-III Suppressor Licensed by ASG - full length in Grey

A really nice bit of bling to complete a load-out or look you're going for, it's a quality piece of kit but don't expect it to remain pristine for long.

· Fully licensed B&T product.
· Authentic markings.
· Quick-attach & detach function, attaches and removes in seconds.
· Clear shot inner tube.
· Strong construction.
· Matte Electro-Coated finish.
· Made of Aluminium and steel.
· 14mm anti-clockwise steel flash-hider included.

For more Info:
BRANDED B&T Licensed ROTEX Silencers by ASG

Available now - For prices contact your local airsoft retailer.

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