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Posted by Unknown On Friday, August 10, 2012

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NWACSS Present - Swap & Shoot LIVE!
from SWAT Urban Area51 - report by Yosser

The first North West Airsoft Community Swap & Shoot LIVE! got off to a great start at the home of North West Urban Airsoft - SWAT Urban Area51, based at Shotton, Deeside, North Wales. Airsofters from far and wide attended to swap, sell, play and of course socialise with like minded airsofters.

The crew from SWAT Urban made everyone welcome and the layout of ready made tables for sellers to set up on was a great touch with people being able to immediately set-up their wares. It was great to see other NW airsoft venues like Shock & Awe and the EX-Site at the event plus players could access taster sessions for CQB organised by SWAT Urban great for those new to the game or only ever experienced woodland airsoft before.

Check out the short video that gives a taster of the event:

NWACSS Swap & Shoot LIVE! Video by Airsoft Odyssey

A great choice of kit old & new plus a chance to catch up with mates browse peoples gear and maybe make a purchase or two and of course sell on those items we all acquire in our kit bags that we no longer use.

I enjoyed the event immensely as did others and it was good opportunity to see airsofters from other sites, have a chin wag and socialise - they even had a night game on the previous evening!

It's a great event which hopefully will become a regular in the North West and go from strength to strength as its popularity and fame increases. See you at the next event - SOON

Special thanks to SWAT Urban Area51 for the venue and Cam & Rogue from NWACSS for hospitality and making the whole thing happen.

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