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SWAT Training Devices
- 1st look and review by Yosser

The BFGX-M84 & M84X are probably one of the BIGGEST innovations in blank firing devices since the BFG first came onto the market.

Available from SWAT Training Devices via the website from October 2012, the not so humble Impact Grenade has not just had a face lift as a COMPLETE redesign and overhaul.

Taking its styling cues from the M84 training grenade the BFGX-M84 follows the looks of its predecessor but houses a wolf in disguise. It gives you all the usual abilities of the impact grenade but it is much more sensitive than the first BFGX produced and can even be activated from a 6 inch drop onto a hard floor.

The design is completely maintenance free and is fitted with shear bolts on the cap, this does not require any user intervention what so-ever apart from changing the blank round when used and of course is totally self setting so doesn’t need to use any ‘lollipops’ or other re-setting tools. Initially both BFGX-M84 & M84X’s will come with 9mm adaptors with other calibres currently in production for those sites that need lower yields for noise consideration etc.

The surprise in all this is the availability of a totally new BFGX-M84X – if the M84 version is a wolf then this wolf has extra bite! Not only can it be activated in the normal configuration of being dropped on either end, like its sibling, but also has the option of hand activation as demonstrated in the video. This can enhance game play in airsoft by the odd ‘suicidal charge’ or booby trap scenario. The BFGX-M84X also promises a slight increase on sensitivity from the BFGX-M84 and should detonate from a height of only 4 inches or so.

Bamf gives us the low down on the BFGx-M84 & M84X:

Video by Airsoft Odyssey©

Each variant can be custom finished in any solid colour you want and at the time the video was shot didn’t have any ‘spoons’ attached. Both BFGX-M84’s and M84X’s now come with a solidly attached ‘spoon’ (which doesn’t fly off in deploying the device) and which will aid attachment to your kit but will fit in any standard 40mm frag pouch.

Of course being solid and built to last means that these devices do have some weight to them – like any BFG device, so please be careful when deploying and in airsoft use I would recommend only underhand ‘bowling’ of the device or ‘posting’ through doorways etc to avoid clobbering other players.

Yosser says: these devices are well designed and complement those BFG’s already available from SWAT Training Devices – If you have a VTG or original BFGX then you’ll need one of these to add to the collection – these guys keep on innovating and they are full of great ideas – it’s great news for airsofters just waiting to see what will they come up with next!

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