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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, September 15, 2012

WXP Hydration Pouch
- Reviewed by Yosser

Airsofters use a lot of fluids when humping around skirmish fields for a full days airsofting. When on weekenders you probably need it even more when in the field, on long Milsim exercises, regular hydration is an absolute must.

The modern way to hydrate is via a water bladder system integrated into your pack kit. So why carry your water in a regular old fashioned water bottle that you have to fiddle about with and take your hands off your AEG for and mess around with buckles, ties or poppers, just reach for the tube and suck!

SourceWXP SourceWXPBladder SourceValve
Source® WXP Hydration System

Source® has produced a very good hydration bladder – The WXP Hydration System which has a 3 litre capacity in a 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™ with low maintenance and a Glass-Like™ liner. Basically all this promises to not taint the taste of your water and the Glass-Like™ liner means a smooth surface which helps prevent the build up and spread of bacteria and algae as they like a rough surface in which to grow and thrive.

Source® WXP System features:
  • Patented leakproof wide slide opening for easy cleaning, draining, ice insertion.

  • Tube Cover Insulates and blocks UV-light. Water stays cool and bacteria free from first to last sip. Your choice Black, Olive, IRR Coyote or IRR Foliage.

  • QMT™ Source Quick Mate Technology hose fitting offers push button convenience, no leakage and offers click-in compatibility with USMC Miox filter system.

  • Patented push/pull Storm Valve™ requires no biting, delivers 25% higher flow than bite designs. Integrated valve shut-off.

  • Dirt Shield™ valve cover.
One criticism of these hydration pouches is the all to often tainted taste it leaves on water making it seem ‘plastic’ however the patented technology behind the Source® WXP System using Taste-Free™ & Glass-Like™ Liner technology in the reservoir and tube means it will deliver pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. In use I found this to be the case although I would recommend at least a couple of rinse outs on any new hydration system but straight from package to water I found the taste most acceptable. Also the Bacteria-Free™ and Grunge-Free™ systems deployed mean that the Antimicrobial technologies block bacterial growth and means less cleaning out and no specialist care required for the owner.

The main pouch can be filled (or drained) a number of ways either by sliding off the top slide, which forms an excellent seal, but you can also add ice cubes here as well, or by the large round twist cap and using the slide off section as a handle or via an Universal Tube Adaptor (not supplied) which connects to the drinking nozzle. I particularly like the quick fit connectors, which means components can be changed quickly. The technology even includes the tube cover which insulates and blocks UV-light to help prevent bacteria and keep the water cool. The tube includes an angled Storm Valve which is a no-bite, push pull type valve with an integrated shut off which means it’s as easy a drinking from a straw. The whole mechanism is easily disassembled for cleaning.

I’ve fitted this into a couple of hydration packs now with no problem, so fitting and routing tubing is no issue – and they are available in either Black, Foliage or Coyote to suite most packs. I’ve shown it here in a Helikon Medium Assualt Pack, the pack is an ideal platform for the Source® system as it contains a section for the bladder to be held in a pouch and some nice routing and pass-throughs for the tubing (see pictures):

BladderInPack HelikonPackwithTube TubeAngled&HandyforUse
Helikon BackPack is Ready to use with the Source® WXP System

Yosser says: A great hydration system for airsofters in the field or day or on a long milsim type week-ender. The bonus on this system is the ease of use and care so when you get in tired you can at least not worry about cleaning out the water bladder and tube straight away. This will have a multitude of uses from hikers, anglers, and maybe even an impromptu cold shower unit if you hang it high enough!

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