G&G Project 123

Posted by Unknown On Saturday, December 01, 2012

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Project 123

Freebies and bonus gear from G&G

G&G fans everywhere can now get some great gear from G&G from cards and poker chips to t-shirts and baseball caps. Check out the poster for more details.

1.Physical store only !
2.Selling G&G ARMAMENT products.

Want to show up on G&G ARMAMENT Friendly Dealer list on G&G official website?

“You’re selling G&G ARMAMENT products but not included in our Friendly Dealers’ list?”
Through Project 123, by only 3 steps, get your store exposed on G&G ARMAMENT Friendly Dealers’ map!

Check out your nearest G&G dealer here on the web map: http://www.guay2.com/web/project123_shop.php?lang=en

G&G Airsoft website:
G&G Airsoft
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