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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, December 02, 2012

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ASG Bersa CO2
BP9CC Pistol
- Reviewed by Yosser.

ASG Bersa BoxASG Bersa DisplayASG Bersa Unique Serial No
ASG's Bersa BP9CC CO2 Pistol (click for larger Images)

The latest CO2 powered replica pistol out of the ASG stable is the officially licensed BERSA BP9CC. And what a difference this pistol is. Available in both blowback and none blowback variants, it is a lightweight, compact and thin profiled handgun, which gives it an ergonomic look and feel. Powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the sleek and ultra thin grip whilst the BB’s are loaded in a stick like magazine, thin and easy to carry a few of them should the need arise for reloads on the skirmish field.

Now at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking the pistol has a ‘glock-like’ appearance especially with the polymer lower frame and metal slide but this compact pistol has a look and feel all of its own. To point and wield either on a skirmish field or action air target shoot it has a pleasing ‘top heavy’ weight to it, which gives it a very nice (and safe) nose down attitude and target acquisition via the white dot sights is easily obtained.

ASG's Bersa BP9CC Right and Left markings & Trades (click for larger Images)

Now each pistol comes with its own unique serial number which is a great touch by ASG (especially if yours goes missing in the field). Each unique serial is stamped on the polymer lower frame on the RHS. Also on this side is an easily removed sticker with the Joule rating as well as ‘Cal.6mm BB’ picked out in white on the metal slide; whilst the fake ejection port has ‘9mmx10’ molded into it. The upper slide also houses the safety selector, which is quickly operated by the thumb and marked up F or S with the switch marking the position with a molded arrow head design on it. The LHS is much more interesting, containing all the license brand detail from Bersa with the front of the metal slide marked up ‘BP9CC’, the CC stands for ‘Concealed Carry’ by the way plus the stamped ‘BERSA SA, RAMOS MEJIA ARGENTINA’. The slide release and magazine catches are both located on this side as well and again easily operated. The slide has a nice grip feature molded on both sides in the form of vertical wavy lines which makes weapon operation very easy.

The pistol grip is of course polymer like the rest of the lower frame and is marked up with the ‘BERSA’ branding. The striking feature about the grip is just how thin as compared with other pistols this really is so those of us who sometime find a lot of airsoft pistol grips really think will be hugely surprised by this. The back strap is removed on this to house the easily changed CO2 bulb and the stick magazine which holds 15 rounds (I have managed to get 16 rnds in a magazine) slides into the bottom on the grip which extended the length of the grip enough to grip it comfortably.

Other features of this pistol include a Picatinny accessory rail, a 3-dots sighting system, and a threaded barrel for the attachment of a fake suppressor. When tested on a cold UK day the FPS was measuring around 290 but I was getting approx 6 magazines out of a single bulb which I thought was a pretty good consumption rate.

ASG Bersa CO2 reload
ASG's Bersa BP9CC CO2 Mag reload(click for larger Images)

Yosser says: The Bersa I must admit surprised me. It’s ergonomically so 'pointable' and easy to handle, helped in part by its light weight polymer body plus I tend to favour the compact style pistols more. On a range I was getting good groupings and more than 6 magazines out of a single bulb although the FPS did drop dramatically. One thing I feel lets the pistol down slightly is the trigger pull which requires a firm almost sharp pull of the trigger otherwise the pistol may not cycle correctly which could lead to feed issues. This I felt could cause the shooter to pull a shot, but otherwise, once you get used to that a minor point in an airsoft skirmish. Be sure to add the ASG Bersa BP9CC to your collection it’s a quality pistol for the price and makes you think why are other manufacturers are so expensive?

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