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Posted by Unknown On Monday, December 03, 2012

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Magpul PTS are having a re-branding session going on and they will be known as just PTS for the future, there will still have many arms to this branding i.e. PTS Magpul, PTS Ergo, PTS Rainier Arms, PTS Training.

Edgar Brothers and PTS are working hard towards 2013 with new products in the pipeline. We will see the release of the PDR December 2012, a Masada CQB and a Masada SV Dec/Jan there are loads of cool accessories coming out to. Please see our PTS UK Facebook Page run by Edgar Brothers for all new things shiny.

Next year looks very exciting for the partnership between PTS and Edgar Brothers as we prepare for the PTS challenge in September 2013. And bring out more guns and more accessories.

Edgar Brothers are looking forward to next year and all the new bits and bobs from PTS.

PTS UK FB page:
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