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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, December 09, 2012

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CO2 M18 Mine 'Claymore'
Review by Yosser

Xpower M18 Claymore
Now my first encounter on the skirmish field with a ‘Claymore’ style mine was a rather disappointing affair. I’m not sure what I expected to see, but what I got was a rather feeble attempt to deliver a ‘shower’ of BB’s via some kind of spring loaded hammock type mechanism, is the best way I can describe it. Instigated by some kind of single push button remote which resembled nothing like a proper ‘clacker’ device, maybe I’ve been watching one too many Vietnam War movies. Thinking back, it probably would have been more effective to grab a hand full of BB’s and throw them at the approaching enemy (certainly better range – LOL).

M18 Box
Well, the Xpower M18 ‘Claymore’ is DIFFERENT – this is a CO2 powered BEAST (suitable for both Airsoft & Paintball gamers) that is fully re-useable and is sure to put one hell-of-a-smile on your face when you rack up your first kills with it. Fully remote controlled via a 9V battery in the mine itself it can be set off remotely via a ‘clacker’ unit (containing 3 AAA batteries), but can also be ‘Thermal-Infrared’ or Trip wire activated which gives the user a few options on the skirmish field for ambush and deployment.

M18 Box Open
Now, I have been able to achieve a good range from the M18 mine itself (Max reported range as 30 meters) with the remote control on fresh batteries but this does diminish with available battery power and the ability to keep the unit in sight in order to catch the enemy at the best time and when it ‘detonates’ it gives a very satisfying BANG to boot as the CO2 discharges and the door comes flying down to dispense a veritable hail of BB’s upon the unsuspecting.

Xpower M18 InternalsXpower CO2 MoscartXpower Moscart Firingand Refill
XPower CO2 Moscart Shell @ the heart of it

At the heart of the M18 ‘Claymore’ Mine is a CO2 moscart shell, which you fill up with CO2 gas via a CO2 bulb holder (Xpower produce one, as do other manufacturers, so remember to add one to your shopping list) and you ‘inject’ the CO2 into the shell after first setting it. This moscart shell is specially designed with a screw on plate that channels the CO2 into the section that holds either a powder charge made from harmless food grade powder (available in refill packs, each in their own sealed containers to pop straight into the unit, you get 2 in the package with the mine) or BB’s, but you will need to put some tape over the opening on the ‘holder’ to keep the BB’s in and this also helps the spread of BB’s when you set the device off.

Xpower Firing MechXpower CO2 InjectorXpower M18 ClackerXpower M18 Safety Catch
XPower M18 details CO2 Filler & Clacker

To set the device, set the spring loaded firing mechanism in place and push the safety pin in from the back of the device which helps prevent accidental discharge while you’re setting it up. The pin physically prevents the firing pin from striking the moscart shell. Ensure you’ve filled the moscat shell and screwed together with the square section containing the BB’s or powder charge and place into its guides within the unit. Ensure the Mine section is powered on and close the front panel. Deploy the feet & place into position before carefully pulling the safety pin at the back of the unit into the fire position (out), making sure you’re not standing in front of the unit – Just in case! Switch on your ‘clacker’ by pressing the switch under the rubber cap and both your mine and clacker should beep in response. Using the remote you can set the unit into Infrared mode should you need to, using the button under the red LED, which means you won’t have to manually detonate the unit yourself. Otherwise set your trap, remember to take off the safety and await your victims on the trail! The CO2 gives the unit a good spread of BB’s but remember to place some tape over the holder to keep them in position. The CO2 makes a great ‘Bang’ as it goes off and you’re sure to feel the BB’s hit you, no doubt about that, plus the surprise this gives an unsuspecting enemy is great to watch.

Xpower M18 ClaymoreXpower M18 Open
XPower M18 Claymore standing & Open

The Xpower M18 ‘Claymore’ Mine comes in either OD Green or Tan so pick what suits your terrain best although the very nicely done ‘Front Toward Enemy’ shell of the device you can easily spray up any colour you want. The attached scissor legs are sturdy enough to hold the unit (and fold up neatly), and can be pressed into loose soil or made to stand on hard ground, just remember to have a slight lean back to the device so when the front door comes springing open it doesn’t tip forward under the shift in weight distribution.

  • Clacker detonation – switch the unit off/on and remote detonation, plus a handy locator should you forget where you placed the main M18 unit
  • Thermal Infrared sensor detonation - An infrared function triggered by heated objects, just be careful the odd woodland creature doesn’t set this off.
  • Tripwire detonation – unit comes supplied with a trip wire but any length of twine or fishing line will do, ‘old skool’ style.
  • Scissor Legs – easily folded for stowage or unfolded for quick accurate deployment in the field, made of steel and totally adjustable for angle.

Yosser says: Simply the BEST Airsoft Claymore currently out there! Okay primarily a defensive weapon but imagine your main HQ or FOB protected by layers of these bad boys! It’s a great device for watching your back in Thermal Ir mode for lone snipers or entrenched players and even its loud detonation will at least give you ample warning to relocate or cover an approach. I do hope Xpower sell the extra internal parts that make up the ‘active’ part of the device which will allow you to stow some in a ‘go-bag’ and change out/reload quickly in field without all the fuss of recharging the moscart shell with CO2, loading BB’s and using tape etc etc. Just put in the spare unit, reset the device and away you go for another round of play, did I mention that paintballers can also use this device? Oh that’s right no one plays paintball anymore – lol.

Check out my teaser vid of the XPower M18 Claymore - HERE

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