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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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AU & FG Vehicle kits

Ever wanted to wrap your 4x4 in A-TACS, well now you can. NOW AVAILABLE from CAMOCLAD A-TACS AU and FG Camo Kits for Large-Scale Vehicle Applications.

Since 1996, Illinois-based CAMOCLAD has been an industry leader in large-scale vehicle graphics. Now, CAMOCLAD and Digital Concealment Systems are proud to introduce a full line of options for large-scale vehicle and other applications available in both A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo. Both patterns are now available through their entire product line including their newest innovation, CAMOCLAD Engineered Vehicle Graphic Kits. Pre-engineered kits designed and cast to fit specific vehicles.

“Cast vinyl provides better print quality and materials free of edge lifting, peeling, cracking and pulling away,” says Joe Warner, inventor, founder and president of CAMOCLAD “Both, the do-it-yourselfer and professional graphics installer will quickly realize the many benefits of our high performance Vinyl Graphic Kits.”

CAMOCLAD Concealment Systems manufactures solutions to effectively conceal a wide variety of military and tactical weapons and hardware from Tanks, Jeeps, Transport Vehicles, Watercraft, Command and Control Modules to Firearms, Spotting Scopes and everything in between. CAMOCLAD is waterproof, weather proof, scratch resistant and designed to perform flawlessly under the harshest conditions in temperatures ranging from -65 to +225 degrees. These kits have been specially developed and are offered on a super matte vinyl substrate to minimize sheen and flare in harsh outdoor lighting conditions. Additionally, Both A-TACS Camo patterns have been specially developed and scaled appropriately to fit larger scale vehicles with a repeat size more than double most other patterns on the market. This minimizes the “step and repeat” effect common with large scale pattern applications.

ATACS Camoclad

For more information, or to find a CAMOCLAD certified dealer/installer in your area, give them a call toll-free at:800-585-8550 or, visit them online

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