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Posted by Unknown On Friday, January 18, 2013

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VTG Updates & Offers
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While we’ve all been resting over the festive and New Year period the guys behind the Versatile Training Grenade and BFGX have been busy sorting all sorts of stuff out for us Airsofters!

VTG glo-in-dark Casing
First up some great news for those who have ever been in the situation where you’ve thrown your BFG/VTG into a darkened area only to not be able to find it easily afterwards! Help is at hand in the form of a new VTG version that’s comes with a photoluminescent casing. That’s right this one will glow in the dark with just a minimal pre-exposure to sunlight or any light source really and it’s not a coating that will wear off at the casing is made entirely from the reflective material. Check out the picture!

Also to help assist players that may have encountered some issues with sites having placed a ban on VTG’s, BFGX’s and the rest of the devices available, SWAT Training Devices have been in contact with 3 of the UK’s largest airsoft insurance companies and passed onto them all the data sheets and intel necessary for them to clear them for use. So airsoft sites insured via FML or Leisure Insure you’re covered, whilst those going via brokers Perkins Slade have been sent all the details and is still in progress. I’m sure you’ll agree this is great news for airsoft players. Get chucking those VTG’s around guys. No excuses now!

Also launched is the BFGX-M203 styled grenade which is exactly as described and functions as a Impact Grenade. With no external moving parts and custom internal stainless steel components, it boasts reliability and accuracy with very few miss fires.

Now teams get also BULK order VTG & all BFGX devices for ALL their players and get a group discount on units ordered – to take advantage just download the PDF file HERE and follow the links in the document or contact blankfiringgrenade.co.uk direct for details.

10mm Adaptor
AS if ALL that’s not enough for you they have a very time limited offer (when they are gone they are gone) and for UK purchases only (sorry to our friends in the US and all over the world) a large amount of 10mm centre fire medium yield low power shells. They come in at around 69db and sound similar to the 9mm and as part of the SWAT winter promo are being offered at £10.00 for 50 which also includes a free 10mm adaptor (also suitable for those with the OLDER Dynatech BFG’s). Limited stocks so first come first served. (order here:)

Also available the just launched the .209 primer and adaptor for the VTG – all selling fast so get ordering and reduce the cost of your airsoft bangs today!

Pictures courtesy of SWAT Training Devices©

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  1. BAMF Said,

    Phil, as always, awesome news mate. Well done on this. Nutz and the crew are indeed the saviour of the airsoft community with their forward thinking.

    So many people asking questions about identifying their bangs and about how they are precluded from using them due to insurance etc.

    All clarified in this update. Again, "Well done!"

    Posted on January 19, 2013 at 1:12 PM


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