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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, January 19, 2013

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Shot Show 2013
G&G Update
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Continuing their own Airsoft Odyssey at the Las Vegas Shot Show 2013 Maree & Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft visit the G&G booth to bring us a great update on the latest from the Far East!

G&G M1 Update..................
First word WOW simply just WOW!

G&G M1
The G&G M1 Garand is a very accurate copy of its real steel counterpart. It has taken G&G a lot of time, care, attention to detail and development to ensure that the AEG matches the Real Steel (or should that be Real Wood!) one as far as any airsoft gun can. Jimmy from G&G USA stated that G&G have spent a lot of time and development money trying to ensure their line of new AEG’s are true copies of their real steel counterparts. He stated that they were trying to concentrate on unique and exciting AEG’s that offered a unique experience and give the experienced shooter a new experience, so that means not just another M4 variant! The M1 Garand Real Wood finish has been carefully chosen and finished to ensure that it matches the look, texture and feel of the real steel finish. Keith, being a real steel WWII fan and being intimately knowledgeable of the real steel M1, thought on inspection that the wood may need some work with oil to match the real steel perfectly, but he thought the majority of airsofters would be more than happy with the weapon right out of the box, and would not notice any differences. This is great news for WWII re-enactors and fans.

G&G M1 topG&G M1 side
G&G M1 Garand Real Wood

G&G M1 Real Wood
Having a coffee with the G&G team allowed them to open up about their plans for the AEG entering the UK market and also allowed us to learn more about G&G's meticulous machining and manufacturing process. The M1 runs with the legendary G&G M14 gearbox with working bolt catch. A G&G head office representative explained that the machining was exacting and the edges of the alloy, where it made a seal or was bolted to the wood, was almost perfect. He stated that no other manufacturer had access to this knowledge, which gave the AEG a unique finish along the edges of the alloy, making the line of the alloy nice and straight, with no chips in it, or imperfections of cheaper AEG’s. The release date in the US is still a few months away, and the IWA Show in Germany is likely to be the first opportunity to see the secret magazine system (hence the taped cover in the pictures) and also get an exact European release date. The US model is likely to come out of the box at approximately 450 fps, and the thinking was that for Europe, 350 may be the option. This decision had not been taken at this point.

The M1 is one of the most impressive releases of 2013 that we have seen at the Shot Show, and the G&G team appeared determined to ensure that the AEG would be faultless and flawless on release.

GK5C line-up
G&G's NEW GK5C based on the AK5..................
The AK5 is a very impressive copy of the new Swedish standard issue infantry weapon. It is large, solid and very realistic. It is full metal, a very solid stock that collapses and folds around to the right hand side of the weapon. The pre-release sample was olive green and the G&G team told us that the release models would be in the olive green and also available in black. Internally the AK5 has a version 2 gearbox, with G&G's M4 style hop unit, and will take all standard M4 magazines. It also sports a working bolt catch and release. The batteries fit into the handguard, which is extremely easily accessed. The AEG has a RIS rail on both sides of the handguard and under the handguard. They are full metal and covered with supplied rail covers. It should be available in the next few weeks. More to come at the IWA 2013.........

GK5C by G&G

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