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Evolution Revolution
@ IWA 2013
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Mad Badger Airsoft fresh back from Las Vegas, Shot Show now jet off to IWA 2013 to report back from Europes BIGGEST Airsoft event! Check out this article on the forth coming EVOLUTION Revolution!….

Lone Star Range of M4's @ Evolution Booth IWA
“Evolution Airsoft are reasonably new to the scene in the UK and Ireland, but if what we heard today from Sergio and his colleagues is anything to go by, then they are certainly a company to watch out for over the coming years.

Based in Italy Evolution Airsoft either commission their own guns & accessories from companies in Hong Kong, or purchase existing products, like the JG Bar 10, so long as they meet their stringent quality control and warranty standards. They then sell these under their Evolution brand, similar to more well-known brands such as ASG, Umarex and Cybergun, so they are in good company.

This form of outsourced airsoft manufacturing is in no way a bad thing and is common practice in other manufacturing fields. So long as the practice is implemented in an appropriate way with companies such as Evolution demanding high quality control standards, the products have the potential to be excellent. Whilst outsourcing has produced sketchy results in the past, Evolution, and products from other companies outsourcing manufacturing of airsoft products have come a long way, and from what we have seen, Evolution is on the right track both in product and quality.
Badger Interview with Evolution Airsoft@ IWA
We first heard of Evolution a few years back when they began operations. Since then they have spent their time building their product lines. Sergio described how, as of 2013, they have several lines of AEG’s, with full licensing from the real steel manufacturers. These include the Lone Star series and the LM series with several more on the way. Sergio described the Lone Star series as “a good gun for everyone,” whilst he described the LM series as “The upper end and a premium product.” The Lone Star series should retail in the UK for between £180-£200, with the upper end LM Series of blowback AEG’s retailing for around £270. A third series, the Combat series was explained as retailing at a lower price than the Lone Star series and as a more entry level or new entrant AEG. Regardless of this, the Combat series appeared to be a solid AEG and good value for money.

After completing our tour of the Evolution range of AEG’s, Sergio went on to show us the many accessory items that are now being stocked as well as NEW products for future release like their own version of the famous JG Bar 10. We found so many products in the pipeline at Evolution that we ran out of time to examine them all.

In quite a long and very interesting interview with Sergio and other very helpful Evolution staff, two things stressed as being core goals of Evolution Airsoft really stood out as plusses for the airsoft consumer. These two core goals were quality control and Evolution’s comprehensive warranties for all their AEG’s, since the first one sold to today’s excellent examples.

DSR Precision’s DSR-1
DSR Precision’s DSR-1 sniper rifle - coming soon

The quality control process of AEG’s commissioned by Evolution Airsoft appears to be quite comprehensive, and is supported by a very extensive warranty system. In short, Evolution commissions a factory in Hong Kong to source parts, and construct an AEG. This AEG is then shipped to Evolution in Italy, who have established what can only be described as a lab mixed with a gun range where each individual AEG is test fired and the results added to a spread sheet database which records the details of the test against each AEG’s individual serial number. When the AEG is then sold to a retailer, the serial number and individual AEG history can be tracked & traced through the retailer and then onto the airsoft consumer. This then means that if there is any fault with a gun, it can be traced from the factory to the consumer and back again, allowing Evolution to obtain a picture of any long term faults and have these rectified. It also allows Evolution to track individual AEG repairs, either by the retailer or by Evolution, improving the airsoft consumer’s experience.

Armi Dallera Custom M4 GBBR

From Day 1 Evolution Airsoft has offered their comprehensive warranty on their products. Partly down to the database they operate where all AEG’s are tested and recorded they can offer such a great warranty scheme where consumers are covered for faults on their AEG’s. If your local retailer can’t repair the item they can send it back to Evolution for either repair or replacement. Evolution are rightly proud that this is one of the finest aspects of their operations and they see it as essential to building trust with retailers across Europe and the airsoft consumer. Evolution staff assured us that their quality control was so comprehensive that no Evolution product should require any spring or other part replacement on purchase or anytime in the medium term after purchase, and if it ever did, the warranty would ensure the airsoft consumer was not out of pocket.

We would have to say that Evolution Airsoft impressed us on three levels. Firstly, their growing line of licensed products. Secondly, in their quality control, and thirdly, in their related area of free, long term, comprehensive warranties. With such warranties any Evolution customer should be able to expect more than a year of cost free running of his or her AEG.

ADC AEG Version
AEG version of 1487 plus accessories

Finally, the direction of Evolution Airsoft could be summed up by quoting Sergio, who stated that if a consumer who had ever purchased an Evolution AEG or product has any problem, then it goes back to the retailer for a free repair, and if anybody is unhappy or problems have not been fixed or have continued, then people were encouraged to contact Evolution Airsoft directly and they would ensure the issue was resolved to the airsoft consumer’s satisfaction. This, and the growing line of quality product and a growing number of UK Evolution dealers/retailers, lends us to believe that Evolution Airsoft is one to watch out for in the near future."

Check out the Evolution Airsoft website for more on their range and future intel from Evolution.

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