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Posted by Unknown On Monday, March 11, 2013

Target Review
- by Magnus_Opum

A UK made, explode on impact chalk target suitable for airsoft! Just don't use them around the house as our intrepid tester Magnus_Opum finds out in this latest review.

Not for the In-door Marksmen!

Tarian MarksSometimes, when I spend the evening before a game packing my kit, guns and assorted spares, looking at the weather forecast and considering how many layers to put on, I wonder if there's another way to get that satisfaction of a hit.

By chance, I came across a company called Tarian Marks on eBay when looking for a certain brand of rifle target. This company produces chalk targets in various sizes and colours (white, pastel and fluorescent) which, when shot with an air or small-bore rifle, explode in a pleasing puff of dust and small fragments.

Perfect for a spot of practice I thought and ordering some of the 24mm and 45mm circular targets, I eagerly awaited their arrival. Soon after, and very well packaged, in order to protect the thin chalk discs, I was getting ready to set up in the garden. Tarian Marks do have a range of pre-fabricated steel target systems designed to hold the discs but I had decided to recycle some old wire coat hangers using a pair of pliers.

As I don't shoot air guns or smallbore in the garden, I thought I'd test my new RWL Knighthawk Custom Co2 1911 (390 fps with 0.3g Blaster bbs) on the Tarian Marks' to see at just what range the pistol couldn't break them anymore. I started out at five metres with the 45mm targets and was happily surprised when each turned into a puff of white dust. Not much of a challenge I thought so the range increased to ten metres and I moved on to the 24mm discs. Now this was to be a real test of the pistol, the targets and my skill. With the bright white of the chalk and the company logo deeply printed on the face I had no problems keeping a clear sight picture and taking them out one by one. Even at that distance, the 6mm bb shattered them with ease and with each successive shot, they flew apart, putting an ever increasing smile on my face.

With Airsoft, we all like to get our hits in and watch the other player raise their hand. It's a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment that all shooters can attest to when it comes to getting that great shot. The Tarian Marks targets allow you to have that sense of achievement in accurately destroying what you're shooting at but all in the confines of your back garden. The fact that more than two hundred 24mm discs come in at under £7 with delivery means they are, in my opinion, a better option than the paper-based hit marking targets out there, especially for airsoft practice.

The only thing I cannot recommend when it comes to blowing apart chalk discs, is setting them up indoors when the wife is out. I can tell you that cleaning up that mess took much longer than I thought it would.

To save another telling-off, I'll keep to the garden with these great little targets.

As mentioned, these target were tested with a high power Co2 pistol running at over 300fps. More conventional airsoft guns will provide a similar effect but the range may need to be decreased. I have run test shots with a standard WE XDM on green gas and found it to be more than powerful and accurate enough to shatter the targets at five metres.

Find them on eBay or at www.tarianmarks.co.uk

Bio: Magnus_Opum has been a shooter his entire life - From .17 HMR to .50 cal and everything in between. He's been playing airsoft for the last ten years with a vast collection of custom guns which get aired randomly when he isn't writing or supporting the shooting community in one way or another."
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  1. BAMF Said,

    Why have I never seen these things before?

    Simple, yet effective. It's always the simple things one wishes they'd thought of instead of anybody else. I'll be ordering myself some of these little beauties to while away the lighter evenings I think.

    Come Summer and a BBQ, I can make like a Redneck when I invite friends and family around! Saves on blatting away at empty beer cans on the neighbour's fence!

    Posted on March 12, 2013 at 9:35 PM


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