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Intel from IWA 2013
by MadBadger Airsoft

Well you've seen the news that top European retailer and 3 times Players Choice award winners GUNFIRE are joining Airsoft Odyssey and I'm sure we'll see more news on that! - but what about them - whats the score? Our boots on the ground, MadBadger Airsoft, at IWA 2013 give us all the news and find out about the blog's newest sponsor!

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In the last few years you may have noticed Gunfire Airsoft pop up when you have been surfing the Online Airsoft world. Gunfire is based in Poland and over the last few years have been building quite a reputation for quality kit at affordable prices. The majority of retail customers will not be aware that Gunfire have also been working hard on developing their own line of wholesale and retail products, as well as offering wholesale services from their Polish base, but more on this later.

At this year’s IWA Show, we had a chance to take Gunfire up on an invitation to meet, talk about our mutual interests and make plans for future visits to Poland. The first thing we noticed when we approached the Gunfire booth at the IWA show was that the booth was visible from a long way off due to the eye catching company colour scheme of orange! As your eyes adjusted you then come across walls lined with some very good quality AEG’s, sniper rifles and pistols, in an open invitation to discover more. The centre piece of the 2013 display; a full weight, 1:1 scale M60 machine gun! Yes, I did say that; full weight! The next few minutes were just spent lifting and examining this beast, or Pig as it has become affectionately known.

Staring in awe at the Pig, and discussing with the Gunfire staff the fact that it was made as a custom job for LCT with a limited edition of 500pcs, which Gunfire got to have first in Europe we turned to the business of why we were there.

When you meet the team at Gunfire, you notice that they are reflective of a change in Airsoft that we all hope will catch on across the Airsoft world, and especially here in the United Kingdom; that is the increase penetration of Airsoft as a hobby into all social classes of people. The noticeable fact is that the majority of Gunfire staff are well educated individuals, whose love of Airsoft has taken them away from other professional pursuits and brought them into the Airsoft industry. Many of the staff are educated to university standard in IT and engineering which is helping lift the airsoft profile in professional circles. If Airsoft is to expand in the UK and become mainstream, then this sector of society needs to find the simple pleasures of an Airsoft lifestyle to a much greater extent than it has to date. It is a trend that we, through all our actions as players, businesses and journalists, should be seriously encouraging and fostering.

Once you move on from how impressive the Gunfire team actually is, you start to discover what Gunfire actually does. Lukasz from the Gunfire team told us that Gunfire set up to serve the expanding Airsoft market across Europe, and especially in their home market of Poland, with the best products the Airsoft world has, and to make it affordable for all. Gunfire describe themselves as realists in that they do not expect Airsofters to pay hefty prices for goods, and when they find a spot in the market place that is not served with a particular product, then they have the base to develop it for their customers; both in retail and wholesale. This wish to develop their own products to meet the expectations of their customer base and Airsofters generally was witnessed when we examined their new line of Airsoft tactical kit, such as gloves. They have given the name GFC Tactical to this kit and we have to say we were impressed. We were lucky enough to examine GFC gloves, balaclavas and other pieces of tac kit extensively. We considered that the kit was produced from good quality fabric, and would certainly survive any form of Airsoft workout you could give it. Lukasz from Gunfire explained to us, that in the case of the gloves, they had been given to operators and instructors from Polish Police AT units for full testing, as they trained, roping down buildings, practising building entry and they have survived unscathed. Gunfire worked alongside a university team at the Technical University of Liberec (Czech Republic) to develop different facets of the kit, and tweeked many things like stitching in order to get the items to as high a standard & quality as possible, within a given price bracket. GFC Tactical kit will encompass the entire range of tactical extras and accessories we all like to wear on the Airsoft field; from vests through to gloves and balaclavas and will be available in a standard line and a HDR range which will top of the line kit. The tactical kit line will also include magazine pouches, light sticks and lipo batteries from the GFC Energy line which covers the full range of sizes and voltages an airsofter requires, and were produced in the same factory and with the same material as military grade lipo batteries (as manufactured for the Chinese army). In the near future we will be bringing you a report on the batteries and other tactical kit as the Airsoft Odyssey team test them and report back.

In conclusion, it was a real pleasure to spend time with the Gunfire team. They are a fresh face for Airsoft across Europe, who practice what they preach, and offer much to their retail and wholesale customers. In fact, Gunfire run both shooting and military style experiences for their customers, that encourage the development of Airsoft through all strata’s of the Polish and European society. We will be reporting from one such incredible event early next year. Gunfire have a lot to offer the European Airsoft community, and the professional approach of the Gunfire team in their product development and business strategy impressed us. You should check out the Gunfire site online and certainly consider their competitively priced kit next time you wish to make a purchase. Finally, thanks to the Gunfire team.

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