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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, May 04, 2013

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Umarex H&K
- Reviewed by Yosser.

Check out the latest addition to the growing stable of great H&K licences being gathered together by Umarex and distributed in the UK by Armex the M27 IAR – Infantry Automatic Rifle.

Umarex H&K M27 IAR
In real steel the M27 will be the US Marine Corps replacement for the Squad Automatic Weapon of choice the M249. I pity the poor Marine who is rumoured to have to lump around 22, 30 round magazines that he’ll be equipped with! But to make up for that it’s great for those transitioning from the M16 – everything’s practically the same and in the same position but with improved accuracy over the SAW (is this what you need in a support weapon – really?) with multiple uses such as a ‘normal’ AR or a DMR on the battlefield.

Airsoft wise it’s the big brother to the HK416 and build quality wise matches and fits in nicely within the existing Umarex range, so players familiar with the 416/417 will not be disappointed with the quality put into this piece either. Normally offerings in the HK range have come boxed in the normal kind of packaging we all expect – a cardboard box. This goes one better and returns to an old but welcome method, VFC employ from time to time, – a really great carry case to protect your expensive purchase within (this baby isn’t cheap but it is a quality bit of kit and deserves this level of care).

M27 Case close up M27 Case closed M27 Case Open
Umarex M27 in its supplied Case (click to enlarge)
The case has a dimpled/rough finish which disappointed me as I like to put ‘stickers over mine but I’m sure many players will be happy with it as is. The catches are sturdy as are the hinges and should protect your M27 in transit to games, cossetted in its grey egg box type foam interior (why always grey?) with plenty of room for spare mags, scope, and a bipod maybe, although you will have to collapse the 5 position stock right down to get it to fit in.

Now Umarex/Armex have produced a number of versions of the 416 and the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle carries a heavier barrel and sight setup, unlike the 416’s diopter sight setup, this comes standard with flip up adjustable posts, front and back and is great for adding scopes to the full RIS rail as these flip-ups don’t get in the way when folded down which allows for a great DMR like setup should you want to go down that route. You’ll find a longer RIS on this model but the same high standard ‘no wobble’ solid rails. This all does add to the weight and after lumping this around for the day you’ll know it, so make sure you have a sling, you won’t find any QD mounting points but the ‘Club Foot’ stock has sling attachments on left and right hand sides.

M27 Selector and Detail M27 flip Post sight M27 RHS Receiver
Umarex M27 Receiver details (click to enlarge)
The upper and lower receiver is all the same familiar standard you’ve come to expect of a VFC made AEG, with the thinner HK style pistol grip and marked up with the fully licenced markings of the M27. The LHS of the receiver carry the ‘HK’ logo and larger ‘M27’ and smaller ‘Cal.5.56mm x45’ markings. The fire selector is only present on this side of the AEG with the Safe, Semi and Auto symbols used on modern combat rifles, above these is the unique serial number for the AEG which should match those on the box. The upper receiver even gets the HK logo treatment, although smaller, just before the side RIS starts. Again the receiver is slightly thinner than a standard M4 just like the others in the family. Don’t get close up on the business end of this rifle, as you’ll catch the warning message on the front of the mag well! The LHS is typical HK again and carries the same selector marks but no selector and easily accessed mag release. Whilst the markings are standard HK trade marks – all the markings are only lightly laser engraved so beware if you like to keep them looking pristine. The ejection port dust cover is metal and the fake bolt even carries HK logo just in case you forgot and covers a rotary style hop up adjustment I prefer these to the small wheels you so often get. The charging handle is the first I’ve seen of this type and only on the M27 so far that I’ve seen. The sights are flip up and the rear sight is fully adjustable for range and windage.

M27 IAR fired by Raptor Airsoft

As mentioned the AEG comes with a club-foot stock but this has a more standard sized M4 style stock tube which can accommodate a lipo or nun-chuck style battery and again a twist lock style attached butt pad. The AEG has quality silicone wiring and is wired for a mini Tamiya type connector.
Umarex M27 IAR
If you’re out ‘in country’ firing this, you’ll be glad to know that standard M4 mags can also be used, but do put a vertical foregrip on the AEG to help with the weight as it’s rather heavy. Firing through a chrono showed this come in just above 350 but most will show about 360FPS out the box – hopefully putting a few thousand rounds through it should bring it down to the more site friendly 350 mark but if you can’t wait a spring change should be easy enough. A great AEG but pricey and weighty but if you love HK’s you’ll be getting this in the collection.

Yosser says: Umarex and their HK licence just exude quality all the way through so I was a little surprised that the supplied hi-cap wind-up magazine supplied rather let it down. The tabs on the bottom of the mag needed closing over more to help make it easier to wind it up – details you expect to be right when you pay more than £400 for an AEG. Other AEG’s have come with HK branded magazines – why not this? Despite the slight moan over the magazine – which you could view as an ‘extra’ anyway you will not be disappointed with this AEG its pricey, weighty and if your after the latest US Marine loaded out – a MUST HAVE!

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