Old Pot Factory Review

Posted by Unknown On Thursday, May 16, 2013

'The Pot Factory' Review
run by Gunman - by Alex 'Buddy' Holly

Great friend of the blog Alex from Team Alpha Wolf visited the 'Pot Factory' recently and gives us his take on this new CQB site based in the North West by Gunman who have unusually ventured further North!

Alex writes....

I was fortunate enough to win a competition to have a free game at 'The Old Pot Factory', a CQB site run by Gunman Airsoft. Dragging along fellow Alpha Wolf member Sir Ste, we went along to our first game at this site.

Based in Manchester (nr Newton Heath); this totally indoor site is a multi-level timber and brick building with four staircases, three large rooms and sixteen smaller rooms. A central area is overlooked from another floor and surrounded by three corridors which allow for plenty of flanking and stealth tactics, giving players the option to not get bogged down if out gunned in a certain area. The building is old and has taken some abuse before being cleaned up by site boss Tony. This has left many holes knocked through walls which mean extra caution is needed to avoid getting unexpectedly shot from another room.

Pictures courtesy Google & Gunman

Tony’s efforts to make this an enjoyable site are self evident in everything from restricting potential dangerous floor hazards to sandbag bunkers and even building an access tunnel to allow sneaky players to crawl into enemy lines - a lot of thought and effort has gone into this site and it shows. The building is very dark and I would recommend any player to go equipped with at least one torch and a RIF that is suited to small environments such as a pistol, shotgun or smaller compact AEG. Remember this IS CQB!

If you fancy some room clearing fun as a change to the standard woodland roaming skirmishes then get yourself booked in to play at this exciting & challenging site.

Thanks to Tony and his marshals for the day and thanks to Keith from No Nonsense Airsoft for the tickets.

Pictures courtesy ABH
Game fees:
25 Pounds With own kit
45 Pounds For a Rental Gun, Spare magazine, 600 rounds of ammo, camouflage uniform, and pouches, webbing, or tac vest to suit weapon.

Due to the severe fire risk , chemical (strike type pyro) can NOT be used on site.
BFGS can be used (.22 or 9mm blank only)
Gas pop grenades are also fine.

The Address: The Old Pot Factory
Old Church St., Newton Heath, M40 2JE

Yosser Says:
Players attending this site please check their FORUM pages for game dates etc and make sure you go equipped with MID Caps - this is a great idea which encourages tactical play and they operate quick turn around games!
Check out their forums linked below:
Gunman Forums

Find them on the NORTH WEST AIRSOFT MAP - black logo nearest Manchester!

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  1. PoPrune Said,

    I started Airsoft here, shortly after it opened this year. This is my "local". I enjoy the site, definatley CQB. Dark and Atmospheric at times. If you live close by or not try it, as all support is welcome. Bring your group.. Who knows we could start a team to game against others. "The Pots CQB"??

    Posted on May 16, 2013 at 11:04 PM

  2. Had a 'gang war' themed day at this site. Was one of the best days airsoft I've ever had. Shotguns n pistols a must!! Very close and the pace can switch from moving very stealth like one minute to an all out fire fight the next!!! Anyone visiting the area and fancies a change from the norm, get your arse over there. 10/10

    Posted on May 28, 2013 at 8:59 PM


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