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Posted by Unknown On Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Stirling Airsoft
@ British Airsoft Show 2013
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Stirling Airsoft provided some great airsoft demo's during the British Airsoft Show this year! This gave those unfamiliar with airsoft attending the British Shooting Show a chance to find out more about airsoft and even take part in a taster session (or 2) and handle an airsoft weapon and maybe get shot! Enjoying the adrenalin rush that is AIRSOFT!

An Unusual 'walk through' the CQB village setup by Stirling Airsoft @British Airsoft Show 2013 © AirsoftOdyssey 2013

The guys at Stirling Airsoft gave players old and new a chance to 'storm' the village in a variety of scenarios throughout the weekend including from vehicles and 'Fast Rope' down a scaffold tower akin to a helicoper insertion. Players were briefed and lent the kit necessary for 'play' and lots of people came away enthused and judging by some of the 'Ohhhs & Arhhhs' from those watching and the occasional shriek as the 'bangs' went off meant they where enjoying a good show. Filming was quite exciting as well!

Stirling Airsoft's CQB Village Assault @British Airsoft Show 2013 © AirsoftOdyssey 2013

Stirling Airsoft run events and training throughout the year at various venues - checkout their Facebook pages for more intel - Stirling Airsoft on Facebook.

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