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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, May 01, 2013

to Airsoft Odyssey

Airsoft Odyssey is PROUD to announce a NEW partnership and LEAD sponsor of the BLOG. The growing European retailer and 3 times winner of the Popular Airsofts Players Choice European Retailer of the Year - GunFire.PL

So to help celebrate this new partnership in airsoft, Airsoft Odyssey Blog readers can get a 7% discount at the checkout on all orders from GunFire up to the end of May and because they are in Europe no VAT or duty when it comes into the UK! So NO nasty surprises or extra bills!

GunFire promise excellent customer service and have a great range to choose from including leading brands such as WE, GHK, G&G, Marui plus many more - check the website for more details - and not just airsoft but their own range of Tactical Gear - keep an eye out for more intel to come from GunFire on Airsoft Odyssey!

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