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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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Airsoft Squared

Airsoft Squared THE major airsoft social network, uniting airsofters from across the world and a great portal for ALL your airsoft intel news , features and events from all over is sporting a great new look.

Now you won’t notice a radical departure from the previous design but what you will notice is a cleaner, slicker look which IS radically quicker than the previous incarnation. Also integrated into the site is a Facebook sign in facility which is a great way to join up all your social networking. All the familiar tools are there easily accessible for news, reviews, groups and forums to name a few plus you can easily FB, Google+ or Twitter something you like direct from the site and it’s easy to navigate. Don’t forget to set your account up AND why not add your team or group, it’s a great way to keep all your members informed and up to date on when and where you’ll be playing next – plus maybe build up a fan base and tell them when you’ll be releasing that next awesome airsoft video!

Airsoft Squared haven’t stopped there, they have more features and improvements in the pipeline which they are keeping close to their chest (for now!) – I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. I hoping for a dedicated VIDEO section (hope they check this out!) Maybe we'll get a Airsoft Squared social icon as well!

The whole site is refurbished with a familiar yet refreshing look and feel – check them out and register TODAY for your account. Keep up to date on the Airsoft scene JOIN Airsoft Squared.

See you on AIRSOFT SQUARED and feel free to join the Airsoft Odyssey Group or leave a kind message on the wall!

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