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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, June 27, 2013

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WE 999c
- Reviewed by JJRaptor

WE 999cAfter WE-Tech's initial jump in to the AEG market with their excellent
M4a1 AEG I was quite looking forward to getting my hands on the NEW WE 999c (a G36c a-like) AEG as I have a soft spot for this model of gun.

On getting the rifle out of the box you're hit with how solid it is, with no creaking or wobble from any of the body parts. The texture and feel is on a par with their G39 GBB rifles and as standard the gun comes with the hand guard rail set letting you fit a whole host of accessories.

To gain access to the battery compartment you have to remove the hand guard pin and while a little stiff it’s reasonably easy to remove with no chance of it falling out on its own. With the hand guard removed you’ll find the battery compartment is very small, as with most G36's on the market, you will have to use a crane stock battery or lipo.

With the hand guard removed we see that the barrel and gas system is the same as the RS/GBB G36 with crisp detail. The stock and top rail are very well made units with no movement from the stock but if you want to give the gun a very different look you can swap this out quickly and easily by installing the WE IDZ rail/stock kit.

WE 999c spring release housingThe main part we looking at today is at the heart of the gun - The GearBox.

Upon first glance it looks just like any other standard V3 G36 gearbox, but one thing jumps out and that’s the spring release housing on the left hand side of the gearbox that is activated when selecting SAFE which detentions the spring.

WE 999c complete gearbox & motorOnce the gearbox was apart we see they have used many of the excellent parts found on the WE M4 series of AEG's (gear set , piston & piston head ), the switch looks to be well made and is a standard v3 switch with a crisp action.

The motor is a short shaft version of the motor used in the WE M4A1's and will run the gun happy over 400fps, as a bonus the connections aren't soldered so if you want to change it you can very quickly by removing just the 2 screws holding it.

The Air seal is very good as standard, so unless you want perfect compression there is no need to enter the gearbox. If you do feel the need to change any parts in the gearbox you will be happy to know any V3 aftermarket parts will fit it with little or no issues at all.

For WE's second gearbox it looks great with only very minor issues that are found on most high end gearbox's.

Bamf checks out the G-999c at AAF7 ©Airsoft Odyssey 2013

This rifle was meant for the Asian market so was a little high on the FPS side, running at 415fps but once this was changed to a UK site friendly 345fps we gave the gun a little testing.

The hop is easy to access with the dust cover locked back, and is the same type of hop found in all the common G36 types, using a large wheel to turn on or off your hop. Once set it didn't need any further adjustment and gave some impressive results hitting a man sized target at 140ft (known target range ) so the gun is suited to both woodland and CQB.

High end quality for low cost
Spring release when set to safe
Compatible with V3 aftermarket parts
Easy takedown (3 pin takedown of all major parts)
Bolt locks back making adjusting the hop easy

Soft bushings in the gearbox
Plastic charge handle (but easy to get upgrade parts)

All said and done WE have made a great G36c and I would be happy to run this gun and the cost is a bonus.

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