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Posted by Unknown On Friday, September 20, 2013

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Airsoft Squared

With 6500 contributors and 500 000 members on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Airsoft Squared is evolving at a fast pace.

We just added 3 major features. We really hope you'll love the new
Airsoft Squared

1. Airsoft Squared is now a real social network:
- Discover your new Wall on your profile (example :
- Groups and events pages now have a great feed of news, photos and
videos. Check this one for example :

2. The new “Buy & Sell” section is now online:
Sell your old gears and replicas or look for great deals at

3. Airsoft Squared will soon be available in +20 languages offering:
- A user-friendly interface for every users and publishers on the site.
- A personalized user-experience: impact of languages on popular
articles rankings, suggestions of games and friends in your city,
region, country.
- More contents published every day in different languages

> Become a Blogger! Publish Airsoft news in your language: : we share the best articles on the
408,500 fans Facebook page.
> Get a page for your Airsoft team: and post videos, photos, news and events.
> Create, publish and share your own Airsoft reviews: and scenarios in no time thanks to the Airsoft Squared easy-to-use publication tools.
> Promote your Airsoft games and events:

Don't hesitate to spread the news on your blog or your forum, that's
always a great support.

See you on AIRSOFT SQUARED and feel free to join the Airsoft Odyssey Group or leave a kind message on the wall!

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