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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, September 19, 2013

Voodoo TacticalVoodoo Tactical
Pouches & Gear Review
- by Yosser

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Voodoo Single Ammo Pouch
Badger Tac are now official UK suppliers of the Voodoo Tactical Range of gear and pouches from this US manufacturer, distributor and kit designer. This gear is used by professionals in the military, law enforcement and by private security operators around the world and Badger Tac are now offering it to the airsoft community.

Fiercely proud Americans, Voodoo Tactical produce and design their own gear to high standards with always an eye on costs and value for money, producing bags, pouches, vests and just about every tactical item you can think of and more. Not being familiar with the range or brand I thought it would be worth quick butchers at some examples from their range.

Open Top (Single)
First up, some padded open top mag pouches which are available in a variety of colours and sizes from singles to triples, these can have various attachment methods so make sure you purchase the correct one for your kit set-up.

With a belt setup (like in the black single pictured) the belt loop portion is adjustable with a very generous adjustable loop tab which can be custom adjusted for your belt width. It’s so wide you could even fit this to one of those really wide pistol belts if required. It’s a good item if you’re going for a belt load out. Only one issue with the single pouch really, it didn’t grip the magazine as much as I would have liked.

Voodoo Triple Ammo Pouch
Open Top (Triple)
Now the triple pouch (pictured in OD) grips the mags much better and this example has the molle attachments otherwise is pretty much the same as the single open top mag pouch in black. It follows the standard molle configuration and has a snap fastening on the molle loops, magazines placed into it are easy to remove without too much danger of losing mags ‘in country’ whilst manoeuvring around. As a trade-off between performance, weight and cost most Voodoo Tactical products are made from 600 denier pack cloth. In terms of stitching & materials these are quality kit and should last.

Voodoo Universal Pouch
Universal Pouch
Next up the ‘Universal Strap Multi-purpose Pouch’ this ones in OD but again check the website for colours available. Made from the same durable materials and to the same standards as the previous kit, again this should last. This is similar to the usual admin pouch, with a Velcro flap over the pistol mag/torch pouch which also has a great sized tab for opening (with gloves). Located next to that is the main ‘gadget’ padded pouch with a double zipper again with good ‘pulls’ for easy use in gloves by the operator. The zips open to each side for the full length of the pouch giving good access to its contents. Inside, is a divided internal section with a small pocket on the front and back. Outside is a Velcro fastened pocket and on the side a pen holder.

Voodoo Grenade Pouch
Voodoo Double Mag Pouch(Bungee)

40mm Grenade Pouch
Checking out the 40mm Grenade Pouch it’s made from the same materials again but this time the front flap not only has Velcro closure but also snap fasteners which have 2 positions available for extra security on fastening of the flaps. These pouches have an elasticated bottom section and will quite easily fit an impact style BFG/VTG such as the BFGX and the BFGXM203 style airsoft grenades (or an Oshibooms). These have a molle attachment that will fasten to you molle equipped tac vest.

Double Mag Pouch(Bungee)
Voodoo tactical also produce open topped M16/M4 pouches in a variety of colours . The open top design uses a bungee cord for added security, and allows access to the magazine without the usual ripping noise accompanying a Velcro strap being released. If you are expecting trouble, you can just slip the bungee cord to the side for an even faster reload. On the back of the pouch are again the usual MOLLE compatible straps that lock it into place on your tactical rig, assault vest, or whatever gear with MOLLE webbing, or PALS. The front of each pouch even comes with more webbing for attaching more pouches together and they are available as single or double units.

Voodoo Items
Misc Items
Other misc. items from Voodoo Tactical and all available from the UK’s Offical supplier Badger Tac, include Bungee Slings with secure single point attachments and with a good strong bungee. It should be noted that the clasp is thicker and more durable than those on comparable products and has a reassuring ‘stiffness’ that shouldn’t just drop your rifle accidently, like cheaper Chinese options sometimes can. There are also Blood Group type attachments for your tac vest/webbing and of course pistol/torch pouches.

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