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Posted by Unknown On Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Now with a
LIfetime Warranty

Stay Alive Gear now offer a FULL lifetime warranty on their gear! Thats great news for those that 'go hard' on their kit and put it through and beyond the limits!

From SAGear...

"Our products have survived the most harsh test possible - service with ISAF forces in Afganistan - and it did well!.

Therefore ,we can give you a lifetime warranty on our products - being sure that these won't fail. NO ONE. EVER!

Its highest quality gear, valued by soldiers and non-professional users from USA, Europe and Asia.

The highest quality materials and workmanship standards provide the gear you can rely on.

As you can see, after long demanding service the only difference is thats weathered from hot Afgani sun, but otherwise perfectly sound and in full working condition.

Szafrana4, 30-363 Krakow
NCAGE no: 2123H

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