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Posted by Unknown On Friday, November 15, 2013

PDR Grip
extend YOUR PDR!

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So still loving the Magpul PTS PDR? Now that we’ve solved the issue of the ‘none locking magazines’, if you need to catch up see the post here: http://www.airsoftodyssey.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/pdr-problem-no-more.html.

If like me are you tired of constantly swapping those small capacity 7.4 LiPo’s? Well it’s now time to stuff a larger battery in that rather small pistol grip! But how?

Now I’ve not seen any commercially approved products on the market – which is strange considering I’d have thought the market would have been crying out for these as soon as the PDR was released (although not surprising given the numbers involved are probably too small to bother with) but a 3D printed product is available from the iMaterialise website to help save the day for us PDR owners.

The 3D Printed Grip extension serves a number of purposes:

  • It extends the grip – allowing more of your palm to actually grip the pistol grip,
  • plus it extends the battery area allowing you to stuff a larger battery into the compartment.
  • This in return may also help not block the mag release lever which will alleviate the mag issues caused by battery leads and plugs getting in the way.

I ordered one of these grips from http://i.materialise.com – a home for 3D Printed ‘on-demand’ products from which the designer gets a cut of the orders placed (well deserved in this case).

There are a number of designs to choose from including:

Vented Grip ExtensionEnclosed Grip ExtensionRIS Grip Extension

PDR Enhanced battery extension vented
A simply designed vented grip extension allowing for a larger battery in a vented grip extension to aid cooling

PDR Enhanced battery extension enclosed
As above but with no venting

PDR Enhanced battery extension with rail
More complex Grip Extension with inbuilt RIS rail which you can mount a torch or other accessory onto as needs dictate

The first thing to note is that the plastic does look different (not surprisingly) from the original making up the AEG and has a more raised ‘bobbly’ surface which aids in grip and isn’t uncomfortable in the least (although I do wear gloves generally when playing airsoft). I have heard some people worry about 3D printed products ‘dissolving’ in wet conditions which has proven to be rumour and utter nonsense. The issue of dissolving was answered by the maker of these grip extensions by placing the polymide in some water and no reaction was observed, so I guess that ‘issue’ has been addressed.

My Vented Grip Extension
My 3D Printed grip – the PDR Enhanced battery extension vented grip fitted perfectly in my PDR, no wobble, no cracking sounds, perhaps a little tight (which is no bad thing) and now I can stuff a larger, longer life LiPo into it without jamming up the mag release mechanism, result! I’m told you could even fit a mini-type 8.4v NiCd battery, should you wish, for those with old skool batteries! If you lack rail space and yearn for more accessories on your PDR order the grip extension that comes with an integrated rail!

This has got to be a MUST HAVE for any Magpul PTS PDR owner!

See http://i.materialise.com/gallery/browse/all-categories?s=pdr to order yours. It will bring a whole new lease of life to your PDR.

So now I'm left looking for some integrated lighting for the PDR’s gap below the barrel!

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