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Posted by Unknown On Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ohshiboom logoOh...Shi.....BOOM!
The OHSHIBOOM Impact BFG Review
- by Yosser

The BIG name in the field of airsoft & training reusable Blank Firing Grenades (BFGs) is of course Dynatec - that's the one all other BFGs have to follow, and any newcomers into the market have BIG boots to fill. The new kid on the block in this field is the OHSHIBOOM Impact BFG.

OHSHIBOOM follows a radically different design from the more usual contenders in the class, in that it has a 'wobble' top and looks reminiscent of a popular police training grenade with just the spoon missing from its design.

OhShiBOOM Loading OhShiBOOM OhShiBOOM Safe OhShiBOOM Live
OhShiBOOM Impact Blank Firing Grenade (click for larger images)

The ‘wobble’ head and firing pin is fixed in position by the pin pull, when this is removed the ‘wobble’ head then pops up and is free to move as if on a gimbal and of course the internal firing pin mechanism is freed up to detonate the blank round. The grenade stands just under 12cm tall and is 13cm in diameter at its widest point and has a pleasing knurled top and bottom to its main body with a plain band which is handy to put your own coloured tape on or engrave your own name or something on to it. The bottom silver section is removable and is of course vented to allow for the escape of gases/jet from the firing blank round. The housing for the 9mm round is loose enough to accommodate 10mm rounds, which will give players a bigger bang and can often be found cheaper than the more popular 9mm blanks. When detonated both rounds were easily removed with little ballooning of the blank, so it easily fell out of the housing which aids reload times for the player. The grenade weighs in at a rather bone shattering 457g (loaded) so it’s important to remember when deploying ANY BFGs to 'bowl' underarm and never throw the device at anyone. Ensure you always aim for the room or area rather than the man.

OhShiBOOM LoadingIn practical use I found the reloading of this BFG to be a little tiresome, especially as I was already used to a simple ‘load & go’ type routine with other impact BFGs. With the OhShiBOOM the routine is a little different, when first loading it’s advised to use a small coin placed into the round chamber, which keeps the firing pin retracted, then ensure the ‘wobble’ head is pressed down, place the safety pin, fixing the ‘wobble’ head in position. Then load and tighten up the blank section and you’re ready to deploy when you pull the pin on it. Once used of course the device self-resets so you won’t need the coin (handy because that can be awkward in gloves) but BEFORE you remove the spent round, fix the ‘wobble’ head in position by pushing it down and replace the pin, then remove the spent round and reload. Now with the way it’s designed, if you don’t follow this procedure, you’ll not be able to replace the safety pin once reloaded and this may account for some tales filtering through on web forums etc. of premature detonations of the device that some players have experienced in field if they have gone around and knocked a primed, ready to go OhShiBOOM in a pouch or something. Please don’t take the risk with ANY BFG device, always use and place the safety pin correctly and follow all safety precautions.

In use I found the OhShiBOOM pretty reliable on hard surfaces making it ideal in CQB type environments. Detonation of the device is reliable, however some misfires occurred when thrown with a flat trajectory landing on its side, which is typical of most impact BFG’s to be fair. Similarly detonation again was a hit and miss affair on softer, long grass, muddy soil, sand woodland environments etc. given harder ground or objects the device was more reliable, but in practice I wouldn’t recommend ANY impact BFGs in these environments and would point people towards timed devices like the VTG or the original BFG instead.

OhShiBOOM LoadingOhShiBOOM
OhShiBOOM Load with 9 or 10mm Blanks

I can’t in practice say I found the ‘wobble’ head to give this impact BFG any great advantage over its competitors, but I do like its innovation and unique design. This should stow in a standard ‘smoke’ pouch on your kit – these will be popular at your local urban venue. The next time you hear ‘FRAG OUT’ and look at the device landing at your feet think ‘Oh Shi……BOOM!’

Yosser says: After a period of short supply, spiraling second hand prices and then zero availability to satisfy the insatiable appetites of airsofters for BFG's, suddenly we are spoilt for choice in the market place. Inevitably comparisons will be made between this and the many other devices now available. Playing style, personal preference and practicality will lead most people’s decisions with possibly aesthetics playing a minor role in players purchase choices. The OHSHIBOOM should definitively be up there in players’ minds when considering a purchase. I guess I'll need to do a comparison test next, watch this space.

Let the BFG wars commence!

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Any grenade where the flash holes are covered by the hand will do very serious injury in the case of an accidental discharge.
    Don't say it can't happen----- it already has!

    Posted on December 5, 2013 at 7:59 PM


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