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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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A Great New CQB experience

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Airsoft Odyssey would like to introduce to all you North West Airsofters (and those further afield are welcome as well) to what promises to be a NEW Evolution in Airsoft, S.W.A.T. Airsoft’s FORTRESS. We got a great sneaky peek at the venue on a build day for the site.

This place is located close to Liverpool City Centre in a former tobacco warehouse, it is close on 8 acres of indoor/out-door action packed CQB goodness. It’s just impossible to describe the vastness of this site, it’s big, really really BIG! This will get you fit just exploring the place!

Spread over 3 main buildings with a few out buildings and covering 2 floors the main areas are huge. You just couldn’t shoot from one end to the other. It’s hard to describe the vastness of this place, the superlatives just don’t exist! The rooms are vast but with scattered small offices, building supports and with the addition of some additional cover making this a truly great urban airsoft site.

The main buildings themselves are separated by road ways which will make for some great ambush scenarios, whilst the ground floors long (really long) wide corridor with large open spaces each side and sub rooms would be great for a bit of sniper activity. One open space in the main building even has a mezzanine floor looking down upon a large well lit area, again great for sniping. Yes, sniping in an in-door environment, no wind to contend with and the distances are huge, with minimum engagement distances being observed this could be a snipers paradise for in-door shooting. Snipers could also use the long main corridor for ranging in their rifles (yes it’s that long, longer even!).

SWAT Fortress 8.5 acres of CQB goodness - AirsoftOdyssey © 2013

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The main site buildings are joined by bridging corridors at a few points from the 1st floor and with various stairwells you could quickly find yourself surrounded if you don’t have your whits about you. This is one seriously good site and the security is top notch with high walls, CCTV, and other security devices installed plus a dedicated 24hr security team. Parking is no problem here either with no access to the general public to the venue, and high surrounding walls, it truly is a FORTRESS!

Speaking to the owner NUTZ and his Site Manager Titch they have some great plans for developing the venue with a comfy in-door safe zone being built with benches, gun racks, bean bags to relax on & hot and cold water and flushing toilets, which I’ve been advised won’t be getting blown up! I’ve been told this will be the ‘am bestest eva’ (an in joke with those familiar with a certain airsoft web form!) safe zone airsofters will have seen! The site even contains a range with the promise of some Practical Action Shooting and competitions. The boys are even discussing the installation of a ‘maze’ style ‘kill-house’ and more plans ahead no doubt still under wraps.

Players are just gagging to get on this site and get playing – Urban Airsoft S.W.A.T. style how we’ve missed you! GAME ON!

GAME ON at the FORTRESS is planned from the 5th January 2014, address details are:

Boundary Lane
Liverpool L6 9BY
entrance in on Hygeia St - off Severs St (which is off Boundary Lane)

Check the S.W.A.T. Urban website for more pictures and Intel http://www.swaturban.com/

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