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Posted by Unknown On Friday, January 03, 2014

Blog Highlights

2013 continued to be a good year for the blog. Again records for visitors numbers were broken, with by far the BIGGEST news story of 2013 being the articles run over the ‘Frankgate Affair’ and the leak of his now infamous email to UKARA members, linked here: VCRA Reboot Proposals.

This story of course followed from the shocking news from the NAE 2013 that the organisers and co-founders of UKARA where allowing the purchase of RIF’s with out any adherence to their own trade associations guidelines – find out how here: UKARA NOT Required

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One of my big favourites from the year was attending the 2013 British Shooting Show from which the British Airsoft Show was just a part. Although not the massive presence airsofters would like it was great to see what I hope will be an event which grows into a national show case for UK airsoft and we got some great videos from the event. Catch up with the video play list from the event:

And of course the review HERE

Not forgetting some of the special guest reports from Mad Badger Airsoft reports from IWA, and Shot Show 2013, let’s hope for more during 2014.

A couple of my favourite things from 2013 included the sorting out of the PDR magazine issue, Here. Plus see how to get an extended pistol grip here. Turning this into a truly useful AEG for skirmishing.

Reviews have been busy with reports on the G&G M.E.T’s and electronic target system plus Umarex’s M27 and well as tactical gear too numerous to mention –check out the ARMOURY for weapons and QUARTERMASTER for all tactical gear reviews.

Here’s to a great 2014 to ALL airsofters wide and far - see you at the British Airsoft Show 2014 and AAF we hope, and don’t forget you can also follow the blog on FACEBOOK & TWITTER.

See YOU at SWAT FORTRESS during 2014 - come and play on the range!

The North West Airsoft Map has been revised and overhauled and is still in good use! Special thanks to JJ Raptor, Bamf and Iain Milspec for all the help during 2014 - your help and support is greatly appreciated.

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