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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Shot Show 2014
G&G Booth & Update
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Mad Badger Airsoft make it over to check out G&G's booth - where's all that gear from last years show then?

G&G Booth
Mad Badger at G&G BoothG&G RiflesG&G CompetitionG&G rifles boys & GirlsG&G MG42Today was a busy day at the Shot Show. By the early afternoon, we had finally fought our way back to G&G for the second year running to get the lowdown on the current and future line of G&G products.

The first thing we asked at G&G this year was, "Where was the M1 Garand?" For those who missed our report last year on the M1, it was to be released last summer as one of the biggest airsoft and re-enactor releases of 2013. But, now, in January 2014, we are again asking, "Where is the M1?" Well, today we got the answer! This year, sometime! In other words, holding your breathe could be fatal! At least they actually did have a fully working prototype and it was in line with our expectations last year in relation to the quality and finish, so you never know! An interesting point related to the M1, is that it will now not come out with a High Cap magazine! After two years, they have still not been able to perfect that one! Oh well, such is airsoft!

Next we discussed the new, up and coming, 1903. Again, this was one of the main reports we made from last year's Show. There is good news! The release date, twelve months behind schedule, should be around April or May 2014. It should reach the market at approximately the same price as the KA98, which of course, it is based on.

In other G&G news, the first version of their MARS system, the modular gearbox, that we reported on from last year's IWA Show in Germany, should also be appearing around the same time. This will be a version or mark 1 of the gearbox, which, disappointingly for some, will not be the split gearbox design. It will still have a quick change spring system, modular mosfet trigger system and the quick release motor. Therefore, it should still be an interesting release, just what will the airsoft world make of it.

The MARS system will slowly replace their Top Tech range, and be priced at approximately the same price point. This should reduce the retail price of the existing Top Tech rifle range.

Now, the news that everybody has been recently chatting about on forums and Facebook, the MG42 and Co2 powered Mosen Nagent are, wait for it…, not even off the drawing board. According to G&G staff, the answer was not in this year and maybe not the next! According to staff, the boss in Taiwan can get a bit excitable and likes to keep the airsoft world fed and hyped up with news! Could this be a repeat of what we have seen so far with the release of the M1 Garand! Year 1, release a photo, get the community hungry, year 2 a non-working prototype building the hype and anticipation, year 3, a fully working prototype and still unsure of a release date. This and other news will no doubt be updated at the IWA Show from Germany in a few months time.

Keep tuned for more from our Shot Show 2014 roving reporters Maree & Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft.

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