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Posted by Unknown On Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Shot Show 2014
Revision Booth
by Mad Badger Airsoft

Airsoft Odyssey's hard working correspondents make it over to the Revision Booth at Shot Show 2014 and check out the latest gear from them.

Revision LogoRevision StingerhawkRevision Stingerhawk FrontRevision Stingerhawk Side
At last year's Shot Show we reported on the growing range of Revision, military grade, glasses, as well as the technology that makes the glasses a winning product. Finally, we reported on the quality of Revision, and I was so convinced by what I saw I purchased my first two pairs of Revision glasses at the Shot Show 2013!

The first thing to say about Revision is that after a year, my first two are still battle ready, and totally scratch free! Anybody who knows the hard life I give my glasses will tell you that that is a hard one to believe. Normally, I end up destroying a pair every six months, but, for the first time, my shooting glasses are standing the test of time.

The line-up this year was basically the same as last year, bar the introduction of the Stingerhawk Spectacle System. The Stingerhawk was designed to complement a variety of Armed Forces helmets and is a lightweight, compact, low profile design that Revision state will deliver on comfort, without compromising performance. On inspection, the System looks very "stylishly" designed, and Revision state that the optics are flawless and more importantly, have full side impact protection. Trying the glasses/system on, I did feel re-assured that if that inevitable head shot was to take place side on, that I would not end up with a stray BB skimming my eye; as I have found in the past with less quality eye protection systems.

Revision state that the glasses system weigh 32 grams, and I have to say that I could not feel them on; so they passed my own comfort test. The system comes with various interchangeable lenses that are very quick to change. These include sunglasses, yellows and clears. The wrap around arms are designed to fit and compliment a range of helmets due to their flat top line frame. Staff stated that the extra wrap around and curvature of the frames have already made them the hottest item that Revision had at the Shot Show this year. Certainly, when we were in attendance at the booth, almost every person visiting the booth was asking after the glasses system.

The glasses system is ready to take prescription inserts that, unusually, would sit very tightly inside the frames and gave the wearer confidence that they would not move, distort your vision, or worse fall out. All lenses provide full UV protection and are certified by all the appropriate international certification bodies.

Finally, the glasses system is so new that it is not even in this this year's catalogue, but will be available shortly in the US market, and hopefully not long after the IWA show in March, in the European market. Whilst there was no European price point set, we would expect the glasses to come in at the current Sawfly price. In my opinion, the glasses protection system offered by Stingerhawk will be the best on the market, and I am now left with the problem of how to destroy my Sawfly so I have an excuse to employ the new, very cool and fashionable looking, wrap around Stingerhawk.

Watch out for more from our Shot Show 2014 roving reporters Maree & Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft.

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