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Shot Show 2014
by Mad Badger Airsoft

So what was all the fuss over KRISS & KWA about and what of the future for KRISS? We sent in Mad Badger Airsoft to find out at Shot Show 2014

Krytac LogoKrytac Booth displayKRISS or Krytac
Let me introduce the new Gods of Airsoft KRISS! Yes, you heard it, KWA will not have any further access to the stable of KRISS real steel guns, trades and any right to produce any KRISS product. Last night, at a private shooting and dinner function held in Vegas, Keith interviewed the head of Kriss's NEW Airsoft Division and got the lowdown on the future direction of KRISS and its big move into the Airsoft market! Yes, Airsoft! Hello, the Kriss Vector made by KRISS! That is the future.

The break away from KWA has produced a new dedicated team within KRISS and promises a more refined and better handed European distribution chain, personally handled by the company itself, with Airsoft guns and accessories specifically designed and dedicated to each individual market, incorporating real steel components, such as rail systems, and totally unique and adapted gearboxes and other components by one of the top real steel brands here in the States.

The new name in Airsoft is KRYTAC! Krytac has been contracted by KRISS to manufacture parts and bodies for the new guns and at this point, KRISS products will be traded Krytac. As we examined the samples at last night's function, we have to say, bring it on! There were several samples on display for us to destroy (yes, I did destroy one in error!), and at first glance, I have to say that I thought I was picking up a real steel M4 weapon with a full RIS system!

In his interview with Keith, the director of KRISSs told us that all their products will be fully European compliant (unlike almost all brands now, such as ICS; another story coming there!), will carry full trades, consist of unique components such as selectors, gearboxes, magazines, sights, and, here is the BIG news, consist of real steel RIS rails and parts; to give the guns the look and feel of the authentic real steel versions. You can basically say that it is going to be the feel and performance of the old KWA KRISS on steroids!

We can report that the launch of this new range of products will sweep the world of Airsoft, and lift the bar of quality and performance higher, KRISS will be at the IWA Show in Germany in two months times. The team is attending the show with the new range of products and will be available to explain some of what at the Shot Show, are still trade secrets (such as the RIS rails).

Krytac BrandedKrytac weaponsKRISS or Krytac
What we know now, features wise, is that the guns will consist of quick change springs, and the ability to lock bolts, as well as gearboxes designed to suit the European market. While the story has already been reported around town, what we are concerned with, as European and UK based, is the fact that, again, the entire product line will be specifically designed to suit the different local European markets. This means that they are working to examine all the quibbles buyers, such as British buyers have, and move to alter each produced product to answer those quibbles or needs. This is the real news and will move the bar higher in the growing limited number of products making it to the UK market place.

Finally, the news everyone wishes to know! After the disaster of the KWA distribution chain in Europe, and other issues, it is bye bye KWA! KWA is history as far as KRISS is concerned, with multiple law suits designed to end any KRISS product reaching the market with KWA!

So the guys at KRISS are listening to individual consumers in the various European and UK market places – this is great news for airsofters and those wanting to get their hands on KRISS Vectors in the UK! They will market the entire product range to the British market, and is being designed and produced by THE REAL STEEL PRODUCTION TEAM, IN HOUSE, TO BE REAL STEEL IN AIRSOFT!

Keep tuned for more from our Shot Show 2014 roving reporters Maree & Keith from Mad Badger Airsoft.

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  1. Al Said,

    A bit of correction Keith. Krytac is a new brand from Kriss Group which include Kriss, Sphinx and Defiance. Krytac products consist of recreational use (Airsoft) LE/Mil training products, fire arms accessories and .22 LR. At launch time we are only displaying the Airsoft line. By 2015 you'll see other line of products as well. As for airsoft version of Kriss Vector, we are not allow to discuss this due to the litigation against KWA. So the direction of the airsoft Vector is unknown, that said, a lot more exciting projects are in the works so stay tune. - Allen

    Posted on January 29, 2014 at 9:19 PM


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