Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack

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Wisport Sparrow 20L PackWisport Sparrow 20L Pack
in A-TACS - FG
- Reviewed by Yosser

I’ve just been introduced to a new brand on the UK market, Wisport, via their Sparrow 20L Rucksack. When I mentioned this to a good Polish friend of the blog on Facebook he said I would be well pleased with the quality and function of the product as he had been using this for some time now, so let’s see how it shaped up, but first more on Wisport.

Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack
Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack
Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack Shoulder Straps
Relatively unheard of in the UK, Wisport are a Polish manufacturer specialising in making all kinds of packs, backpacks and accessories, with everything covered from trekking, travel, military, survival and urban styling. They even make ski gear but the important thing to note here is that their military designs are as a result of cooperation with Polish Forces. For more info on Wisport please check out their website here: http://www.wisport.com.pl/

So onto the rucksack itself, the pack is made from tough and durable Cordura Nylon fabric. The pack is ergonomically shaped to provide a good comfortable fit when worn, with padded shoulder straps and a quick release sternum strap to help stop those straps slipping off. The pack features what they call an ACS – air comfort system, which allows for a good airflow across the wearers back and shoulders. When worn (although it hasn’t been for hours at a time) I felt the pack to be very comfortable, but a better test may need to wait for a warmer summer!

The main compartment section of the Sparrow 20 pack is closed by a double zipper (with corded zip pulls, great when wearing gloves) that can be unzipped almost to the very bottom of the pack on both sides. It should be noted that the zipper is also covered by a generous storm flap to help prevent the ingress of water through the zip. This main compartment features an elasticated sleeve pocket which extends about half way up the pack. Above the sleeve is a loop/hook so you can attach a hydration bag and pass the feed tube through the provided Velcro closed flap which should protect the contents of the pack from the elements. Inside the flap of the main compartment is a zipper closed large mesh pocket.

The pack also features a further compartment also closed by a double zipper but this time only half way along its height, which will help prevent all that stuffed in gear falling out (hopefully!). The compartment features a small sleeved pocket upon which is also a zippered mesh pocket and attached from the top of the compartment 2 nylon straps, one with a plastic D-Ring and the other a handy plastic clip.

At the top of the pack, where the shoulder straps attach, is a carry/grab handle which is the easiest way of carrying a pack around when not wearing it. The shoulder straps themselves are well padded and feature the same Duraflex quick release buckles, so should you need to dump the pack fast this can be accomplished with ease. The straps also feature webbing which is great for routing comms cables or hydration tubing. Speaking of hydration tubing both shoulder straps also feature mounting brackets, the first time I’ve seen this on such a keenly priced rucksack.

Wisport Sparrow Internal Clips Wisport Sparrow Main Compartment Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack Wisport Sparrow Compression straps
Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack from Military1st.co.uk(click for larger images)

On the outside, the rucksack has plenty of molle attachment points both on the sides, bottom and main face of the pack. Also featured are plenty of additional nylon straps so you can attach those bulkier items that may not fit inside the pack. Plus it has compression straps, closed by a quick release Duraflex buckle, should you wish to tighten everything down inside the pack. A quick access zipped pocket is also on the outside of the pack just above where the molle starts. A nice touch is the addition of a Velcro panel near the top and is covered with a ‘Proudly made in Poland’ patch with the national flag and web address. They obviously take a great deal of pride in their work.

The Wisport Sparrow Rucksack 20L is available in a variety of patterns including:
A-TACS FG and AU, MultiCam, DPM, Coyote, Olive Drab and Black, with price starting from £49.99. - For the full range of Wisport gear in the UK please check out Military1st.co.uk

Wisport Sparrow Storm Flap Wisport Sparrow Hydration Tube PassthruWisport Sparrow Made in Poland Wisport Sparrow Hydration Tube Clips

Wisport Sparrow 20L Pack closeup details

Yosser says: A great day pack or for taking into the field when you have to carry all your airsoft gear for the entire day on a milsim. Obviously this has more uses than just airsofting for a day whether hiking, day trip or whatever you choose it should prove versatile enough to be a regular carry. I like the way it can be cinched down to reduce size and prevent gear rattling around, and I can expand it by adding a few additional pouches should I need to. When I place it on the wet ground it doesn’t wick up water like some more expensive packs I’ve owned or have those drain holes that can also get your gear wet inside. Plus it has a 5 years manufacturer warranty.

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