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Posted by Unknown On Saturday, February 22, 2014

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IWA 2014

IWA 2014 where the European Media Meetup!

Well Europe’s BIG shooting sports event will take place soon with the IWA 2014 & Outdoor Classics. So begins the media frenzy that will surround it in order to bring YOU the players all the exciting news from the event. To that end our friends over at NLAirsoft.com with PopularAirsoft are getting together with media partners from all over to help bring you the latest news from the show! Airsoft Odyssey is one such partner!

IWA Meetup
IWA 2014 Meetup Orgainised by NLAirsoft & Popular Airsoft

To help with news gathering they have arranged the 3rd Airsoft Meetup at IWA 2014 where all the movers and shakers from the international airsoft community will get together to show off the latest developments and wares from their companies. This will be the ‘must attend event’ for airsoft enthusiasts at the IWA event, and you’ll be able to see the kit 1st hand and ask questions.

Exhibitors booked include Airsoft Manufacturers, Tactical Gear Makers and Distributors, but to stay up to date on speakers booked check the www.airsoftmeetup.com website for the latest intel.

Players, Retailers, Media and everyone are welcome to attend but tickets are limited (and FREE!) so better check the website for availability – also contact the guys if you want to make a presentation.

Where to find the Airsoft Meetup?
IWA 2014 & Outdoor Classics Airsoft Meetup
9 March 2014 (Sunday)
1300 to 1600H
Hongkong Room
Level 1, NCC Ost

Airsoft Odyssey will be linking and posting some reports from IWA - so stay tuned!

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